Lemmy : “one of the kindest people I ever met”

It’s been really thought provoking to look at Lemmy’s life. I’ll just finished with a few bits and pieces.


It seems that he was an introvert at heart. Happy with his own company. He only slept 4 hours a night, reading into the small hours. One article says:

“when the band wasn’t on tour, he could almost always be found playing video poker by himself at the Rainbow Bar and Grill in his adopted home town of Los Angeles.”

It then goes onto speculate:

It doesn’t strike me as overreaching to suggest that, just like his fans, Lemmy needed Motörhead’s gunned-engine barrage to help fill a hole, or at least pummel the senses for a while while trying to forget what’s missing.

Who knows. Certainly being abandoned by your father and then losing the love of your life to heroin is going to leave a wound. And it seems to me at least, that in his music and lifestyle, he expressed something of the pain and anger he felt.

It is such a shame Lemmy never saw past the terrible events of his life to the God who wanted to be his perfect Father. The one who, out of love, endured such pain for him. Who willingly experienced the abandonment of his father so that you and me could know his father’s perfect love. Who was born into this world to be on his side at such great cost.

It was extraordinary to see such an anti establishment figure being honoured by LA city council.


He advertised kit kat I think and then was going to be in a milk commercial which turned into a tribute.

Apparently there is a move a foot to name one of the newly discovered heavy metals in the periodic tables after Lemmy. This despite the fact that Lemmy used to say:

“We were not heavy metal. We were a rock’n’roll band. Still are. Everyone always describes us as heavy metal even when I tell them otherwise. Why won’t people listen?” Why won’t you listen?’”

Lemmy was seen as authentic

“he was 100% real 100% of the time” his Son at his funeral

and a gentleman

“in some way the ultimate gentleman” Triple H

He was kind

“he was one of the kindest people I ever met. It was a privilege to make his boots for 15 years and an honour to see them go with him to his resting place” Lemmy’s boot maker at his funeral.

“Me treated me like gold” the snake handler for Alice cooper.

“he was so kind and supportive and he gave me the belief that I could live the life that I wanted to live..and he was so consistent with that and supportive” Another chap at the funeral. Not sure who.

He had some sense of morality or at least a desire to be honest. Asked if he ever wanted to get married he says:

“No. I never met a women who could stop me looking at all the other women. I’m not going to be false. I’m not going to get married and run around. If you are going to be married, you should be ******* married. That’s the story. I could  never do that”. From the live fast die old documentary.

He had a great sense of humour. One of Lemmy’s jokes (he used to text them to friends) read out at the funeral

“two peanuts where walking ling the road and one was assaulted”

And amazingly had no regrets

“he didn’t regret a single minute of his life” “he told me al the time he had the perfect life…go and party for me” Mikkey Dee

I must admit though that I never understand who people can say that. I guess without a sense of God’s perfect goodness, or any hope of a solution, we end up accepting that doing a few wrong things is nothing to be concerned about. All part of life.

Given his lack of regrets I wonder what this song is about?

When I was young I was the nicest guy I knew
I thought I was the chosen one
But time went by and I found out a thing or two
My shine wore off as time wore on
I thought that I was living out the perfect life
But in the lonely hours when the truth begins to bite
I thought about the times when I turned my back & stalled

I ain’t no nice guy after all


It comes as quite a shock when that trip leads to fall






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