Chasing Rainbows

I had another go at rainbows this morning.

Screenshot 2016-06-11 11.19.40

The more I code a simple virtual universe the more I appreciate how amazing the real one is. When we try to create beautiful things we experience something of the delight God had in his creation. All our attempts are pale imitations of those first expressive acts when God spoke things into being. How gloriously amazing to come up with the idea of clouds and the way they light interacts with them; to create the laws behind quantum physics and fluid dynamics so that we see rainbows.

Beauty means something. It’s not just an experience. When God’s brush arched the first rainbow in the sky he was expressing something to us: the beautiful glory of his steadfast mercy and grace. World wide judgement would be held back and grace will rain down.

There is another judgement, a final one of fire, but before that God would open the floodgates of his mercy in giving us his son. The stars declare the glory of God and the sky his handy work but the cross put them all in the shade.

The rainbow points to and encircles (Rev 4:3) the glorious God who is both just and gracious. Beauty means something, and the experience of it and the act of creating should lead us into worship.


PS. That’s a crystal house you can see on the left. I think there will be a lot of gem stone architecture in heaven!

PPS.As I walked downstairs after posting this blog entry, guess what someone handed me:


They found it behind an old cabinet as they were cleaning out a room. Coincidence?



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