“Loft conversion” prophetic word

I thought I would blog a few of the prophetic words I have given recently. It means I will have a record of them, but also if there is anything of God in them then there will be an over-spill into the lives of others. By that I mean that God’s word blesses not just the immediate recipients but there is something in it that does everyone good.


This one was for an individual and I think also a family of churches. And me 🙂

I saw a ceiling that was limiting and boxing in the advance of God’s kingdom and the fruitfulness of his church. A hatch opened and a ladder came down. I climbed up and looked around with a torch. The loft space was vast. Then I saw the space renovated and rooms put in place. Like a massive loft conversion. I felt God say that there is a difference between going up to the loft to get something (and then going down again), and going up to the loft to live there. I felt God say:

“I want you to learn to live above the level of your limitations. Your limitations will become solid ground beneath your feet. You will stand on previous limitations, and not for a brief moment, but that stance, that place will become a place of habitation for you.”

Instead of brief trips past our normal limitations, only to come back down again and get comfortable, and live beneath them again, we will learn to live in an ongoing way in that place of huge potential.

I asked the Lord what that would look like and felt that worship was key. It becomes fresh air to breath. But also, long term structures could to be put in place to enable us to live in the space God was opening up for us. I’m guessing that is things like doing things a different way on Sundays, setting up healing on the streets, dealing with pastoral challenges and discipleship in a different way. Making more space for the prophetic and supernatural. New confidence in the gospel and evangelism. These are more guesses through than the picture and words I felt God say.


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