“Green light” prophetic word

Here is another prophetic word I felt I had the other day:

flrnt_on_flikr_thin(image from flrnt on flikr)

I was waiting at a traffic light today when the car behind gave me a friendly beep. I looked up and saw that I had been looking at a light a bit father down the street, which was still red. The actual traffic light in front of me however had changed to green and I was able to go.

Before setting out of the journey, someone had told me to put my finger in my bible at random and see weather God wanted to say something rather different than I had planned. I played along (although I know its not a great way of hearing from God) but God definitely got my attention when I opened it at Joel 2 “And afterwards, I will pour out my spirit on all flesh…”. That’s a very famous passage and one God is currently speaking to me about. It did not fall open at that page, rather I just pushed my finger into a page. Obviously I’m not suggesting that we regularly open our bibles at random to see what God would say to us. But God is very kind and does often come and find us and speak to us even in our stumbling baby steps.

Anyway when I got to church, after the traffic light incident I felt God highlight the world “afterwards”. It was repeated over and over. “Afterwards, afterwards, afterwards….”.  It was as if someone kept saying it, but here was the thing: We are now living in the “afterwards”. Jesus has come, died, been raised to life and ascended to his father’s side from where he is pouring out the Spirit. We do not live with a spirit of “Afterwards” anymore: –“after such and such I will do so and so”– putting of the things God is calling us into.

I felt God was giving us a friendly beep on the horn to say “look up, the light is green, it’s a green light for go. There may be a red way down the road, but the light in front is green. Step into my calling for your life. Stop weighting and saying I can’t wait till….. Now is the time. The Spirit is here…

Actually;y the passage talks about everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved. thinking about it afterwards I felt it was also about calling on God.



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