‘Virtual reality’ prophetic word


Funny how God speaks to you in ways you can understand. He speaks in our language, in concepts we can grasp. I love the idea of VR and here what I felt God say recently:


When you watch a film or play a game on a TV you are looking through a window. Even at the cinema there is a window. A screen separating the action and the observers. With Virtual reality, you put on a headset and each eye is shown a different image with no visible boarder. The brain joins the two images and finds itself present in the virtual world. You have stepped through the window into the action. You can look up down left and right, in front and behind and its all around you. The term used for the sense of being there is “presence”. You actually feel like you are really there.

God is calling us through the window. Not into a virtual world but a world more real than this one. A world in which mountains move by faith. A world in which the blind see and the deaf hear. I world in which nothing is impossible. A world in which miracles don’t just take place on books, or in youtube videos but all around us. A place were we are not just hearing about God or watching him do stuff but were we are present with him and his kingdom is breaking out all around us.


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