“A box seat on a bus” prophetic word

God gave me this word for someone recently:


A double decker bus drove towards me as I was cycling home and I saw, sitting in the window on the top deck, a man. His expression was neutral. Giving nothing away. The bus went past me but the man’s expression stayed with me. He seemed detached and unengaged from the world.

But it struck me that he had made a choice to walk up the stairs and to the front of the bus. He had deliberately chosen to sit in a place were he had a good vantage point of the oncoming world. A front row seat. Actually, more like a box seat.

I thought of children who prize that seat for the exciting panorama. The leaning of the bus round corners. The sense of speed as the world zooms towards you. They chatter and shout with excitement. Branches smack against the window and the bus trundles along tree lined roads. And there was this adult, sitting up there. Emotionless.

I felt God speak through it for someone. God saw their child like desire to see the  excitement and wonder of God’s kingdom come in tangible ways. They wanted to have a box seat as God’s kingdom came. Even though on the outside they didn’t show it, inside they were dreaming dreams. God was saying that he would take them on a journey where they saw lives changed.


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