Climb over the wall prophetic word

I’ve been posting a few prophetic words I’ve had recently. I think God has said something like these things to me anyway. It’s usually via pictures that pop into my head and prompt an internal dialog with the Lord about them. It’s a bit subjective I know, but there is a very real tension in the prophetic between, on the one hand, a right humility and awareness of our fallibility in hearing, and on the other, trusting that we can hear Jesus, the good Shepherd’s voice. We need to walk before we can run, but even if we can’t walk yet we can push up with our legs and try to stand.



I saw boy having fun kicking a football around in the street. Unfortunately, as sometimes happens, it accidentally bounced over the wall of someone’s garden. He didn’t have another ball and obviously wanted it back so knocked on the front door of the house but there was no answer. He pulled himself up to looked over the wall. There it was in the middle of the garden. Completely out of reach, in someone else’s property.

Then he did something he probably should not have. He did it I guess because he really wanted his ball back and there was no other option. He went around the wall until he found a place where he could climb over. He scrambled up and jumped down out of view. After what seemed like several minutes he appeared again climbing back over the wall and resumed his game.

I think God is saying there are people who have had dreams, promises, goals or hopes that have gone out of play. They have enjoyed them and lived in the good of them for a time but they have gone over the wall. Perhaps it was something God was going to do in your life, or someone else’s, or through you or in your community. A great endeavour or exciting change or challenge. But it’s gone. Lost.

You may have done the usual things to get it back but drawn a blank. Well, God is encouraging you to climb the wall. To be audacious. It’s a scary wall sometimes as it takes you out of your comfort zone, our of  familiar territory or normal realm of activity but find a place and scale it.

We sing “we stand where angels fear to tread” which I think is speaking about standing in God’s presence as sons and daughters. Such intimacy and acceptance. But here is the thing: the whole earth belongs to the Lord. And he is taking it back as we advance. He is saying to us that as our feet touch down in the land over the wall it becomes legally ours. The places ruled out of bounds will become our playing field. The losses we have faced will lead us to take new ground. We will stand were others feared to tread.




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