Meaning in movies


Love these Ted talks. Not sure of the value of blogging on them but as I’m watching them its good to make notes. This one is about the hidden messages in children’s movies.

I was hooked when he pointed out the similarities between the wizard of oz and star wars.

“Both have a metal guy and a hairy guy rescuing a girl by dressing up as the enemies guards.”

But there are differences. The main characters (good and bad) in the wizard of Oz are female. Not so in Star wars (that’s now been rectified). Also in Oz,  Dorothy wins by making friends with everybody, not by “force”.

He also points out that most films are about a boy or male character. Until Brave.

He mentions to Bechdel test

  • Are there at least two females in the movie which speaking parts
  • Do they talk to each other
  • About something other than a man?

I think it was about or less than 11 out of 100 films meet this test.


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