Gotcha!? Where did the universe come from?

Here is another so called “Gotcha” question for atheists that the guys at thinktank address.

Gotcha 4: Where did the universe come from?


Atheist Answer: “first you could say I don’t know, but you don’t either”.

Me – Its ok to say that he doesn’t know but how can he say someone else doesn’t? Only by knowing that it is impossible to know how the universe came into being I suppose. Or that is was definitely not God. Or that the other persons source of knowledge is wrong. Not sure how you would know that though. I think the main point he is making though is that you don’t need God to bring the universe into existence. It could be (was) brought into being in some other way.

Atheist Answer: The polytheist chap says that he has an argument with his girlfriend about whether he is an atheist or not. “fundamentally” he says “it doesn’t matter… think Mark Marinor? (not sure if I heard that right) says ‘I just don’t…care’, and I get that ”.  I guess that’s why he is making up this stuff about our universe being created by an alien high school kid in a science experiment in another dimension somewhere. He is implying, I think, that we don’t know, cannot now, so who cares anyway, we might as well make stuff up. It’s just as valid as anything else.

Me- I’m trying to get my head around the “it doesn’t mater, I just don’t care” alternative to atheism and theism. The so called apatheist position. I suppose if you think that we can have absolute morality and meaning, and you are happy with your life now, and don’t mind it’s going to come to an end, and don’t think there is any day of reckoning,  then what’s the relevance of God? That’s why it’s important that this dialog happens. Without God we don’t have a ground for meaning, morality, justice, personhood, etc and there is a world of difference between winking out of existence and living forever.

Atheist Answer: The first guys says that because space and time do not exist independently, there was no time before the universe. How could there be? The universe he therefore argues, has always been here.

Me – I agree that something has to have always been there. It’s just that many (most?) scientists recon that the universe did have a beginning. If they are right, I can’t see why the law of causality would not still operate outside of time. William Lane Craig argues therefore we are looking for a timeless, immaterial cause to the big bang.

Atheist Answer: Its looks deigned but that’s just because we “use our tiny little monkey brains that have only seen things that have a maker or came from somewhere but that’s simply our limited experience of living for a couple of ten thousand years on one little planet, cosmically that is irrelevant, that is anecdotal, but that does not mean existence functions that way on a grander scale, so I don’t think it came from anywhere…”

Me – I agree we have tiny little brains but we have to do the best we can with them. There does seem to be something special about the power of reason and our ability to ask “why” questions.

Atheist Answer: “The ‘stuff’ you should be trying to make sense of is hear right now.”

Me – yes, but in the process of making sense of it, we might decide that the best sense is made of it by considering a timeless, personal, powerful, being who created it.



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