Belgium conference

On 13th Novebmer 2015, I was at a conference in Belgium praying for Belgium and the rest of Europe. We woke up the next day to the news that Paris had been attacked.

“As a modest, if prosperous nation of just 11 million, Belgium rarely makes news headlines, yet today it has the unenviable distinction of being Europe’s Jihadist hothouse.” The independent

It was interesting looking back at my notes especially after recent referendum in UK. They are pretty rough but I’ll post them here:

  • If anyone is thirsty come to me and drink.
    We cannot drink for other people.
    Drink then streams flow
  • Mahesh travelled with Derik prince for 40 years. The last service before he went to heaven was in Jerusalem.
  • He said the greatest miracle was when he was with Mahesh in Pakistan. They rented a field and proclaimed the name of Jesus. A blind woman was there Who had no eyes. They took a photo of her. The Woman had new eyes where there were no eyes. The PIC is in only love can make a miracle.
  • He gave his testimony: Reading John one night his head hit the table and he was transported or of his body. He saw a living light singing “I love you. I will always love you”. In the light he could see Jesus. “Every part of my being was premiered with this golden light saying I love you. I felt his hand on his shoulder. He said my little brother. Then I was back in my body. It lasted from 9 to 5 30 in the morning. I immediately got on my knees. I knew he was lord and had died for me and was risen.”
  • In 1975 Derrick Prince prophesied 40 times there would be an outpouring of the spirit…
  • We have got to stop weighting God word and start wielding it.


  • Maheshes wife.
  • Your decisions in a moment of unexpected tragedy can change you life forever.
  • You will be the same person out of the body.
  • Going through one trouble gives you weapons for the next. Don’t fall into the enemy’s trap of thinking oh no….not another I can’t go through it…


  • Some prophesies for different countries I think:
  • Germany
    • I am raising up and joining the prophetic and apostolic. 2016 birth pains. 2017 you won’t recognise your country.
  • Netherlands
    • Shakings are coming to your land. I will exalt in this hour those who have hidden in the rock. 9 18 27 months. An alignment. Strategies released. Generosity. break spirit of poverty. Old and new reformation. Land of reformation. Release the ships of old. Apostolic vessels. Unity, Humility, Grace of God in the land.
  • France
    • Doors closing. National leaders growing massive ears like Yoda’s. Ears to
      hear the voice of the lord. I’m going to wake them in dreams. Send angles to them. Unity. Cause things to be forgiven and forgotten.
  • Belgium
    • He felt change in atmosphere coming into Belgium 20 years ago.


  • Wisdom and power are a person.
  • You don’t read the bible the bible reads you.
  • If you want the roar of the lion live the life of the lamb.
  • John’s gospel was represented by an eagle. He was the apostle of love.  Celtic Europe was evangelised by disciple of John.
  • “The apostle Jesus loved”. What a healthy identity.
  • If God asks you a question he is not looking for information.
  • Can you drink of my cup. I have meditated a lot about that question. It was a Gethsemane cup.
  • I won’t desert you.  Jesus says if I had a nickel for every guy that said that to me.
  • Finny would walk into factories and people would fall to the floor.
  • Paul like John wrote his best stuff in jail.
  • Linin means no mixture.
  • This is the only wedding you can’t go as a guest.
  • People write books about the second coming but I’m not sure we have done anything with the first coming.



  • Word for Europe
    • You are ambassadors…
    • God has not given you a spirit of fear….
  • It is the anointing that breaks the yoke.
  • Nothing is impossible with God.
  • The lord is the spirit and ….
  • Donna woods stage 4 cancer. Only supposed to live for a few weeks. God totally healed her. She is still alive and taking missions in different nations.
  • All the things come together in perfect harmony in God….
  • Luke 24 are you the only one that has not heard…
  • Was not our hearts burning within us.
  • Jesus wants to put that spirit of burning once again into his disciples.
  • Their eyes were prevented from recognising him ie they might have naturally –me
  • God is going to put a new fire over Europe. Over Belgium.
  • Whatever the thief has stolen he has to give back 7 times.
  • The spirit of breakthrough is coming upon us.
  • Restoration for you.
  • I don’t care what was stolen. A restoration come to you.
  • God brings his…can these bones live. Prophecy over these bones. …
  • Tell them. The breath of God is coming for restoration.
  • You have the anointing for Belgium. That these bones might live.
  • Where the enemy has stolen from you the fire of God is coming to do mighty things.
  • There is a fiery truth in you. Jesus is alive.
  • He is the alpha and Omega and he is commissioning you with a new fire. God says to king Dave you shall peruse and overtake and you shall recover everything. The spirit of praise is coming. You will get it back.
  • Belgium France. Europe. We are going to take it back.
  • Personal prophecy to me from Mahesh: A Ministry of sings and wonders. Don’t fear.  Ministry on you. Signs and wonders.


  • Other chap (not Mahesh)
  • Stop being the past and start being the predictor.
  • In 2 years is 5 00 year anniversary of reformation.
  • I want to meet the God in the psalms that made David dance. C S Lewis
  • Joy is not a manifestation.
  • It is your job to keep yourself oiled in gladness. Purchase your own oil.
  • It is not your pastors job to keep you happy.
  • Protestant purgatory is a laughing school before they let you into heaven.
  • You won’t know everything ever so we need to get used to trusting the one who is perfect.
  • Jesus turned your mess into a message.
  • Every 7 to 10 days over a million people get saved.
  • 40% of people celebrated Easter
  • By year 2020   3 billion Chines believers?
  • Unity for unity will always fail we must unite in love.
  • Song
    • I’m no longer a slave to fear I am a child of God. song here
    • I’ve been born again into your family. You split the sea So I could walk right through it. My fears were drowned in perfect love.


  • Mahesh’s last session
  • Belgium is one of the key nations to hold up the flag of our lord.
  • Boni saw the dove settling on you.
  • A new season of the tabernakaling the presence of God….healing wells literally opening in every house.
  • For family and strangers coming into your house.
  • Your destiny is greater and certainly no less than the book of acts.
  • Live long and prosper. The High priest made first Hebrew symbol for God. Jesus may have used that when he was as ascended and blessed his disciples.



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