I know God wants to help and heal and I expect him to help and heal. So I step out and pray for people and try to help. From time to time things seem to change for the better, but most of the time nothing much seems to happen. Basically I feel a lack of power.

Jesus  talks a lot about power. He sends his disciples out with authority in the gospels but he talks about being clothed with power from on high (Luke 24:29).

Power is imparted through various means. Power comes from persistence. If we just keep going spiritual force is exerted to extend God’s kingdom. There is power in God’s word, as we declare it and believe it. There is power in God’s presence. As we spend time with God and get to know him we can carry his presence more effectively into situations. There is power in excising the gifts God gives us, related I think both to the size of the gift and to the level of faith with which we wield it. There is power in prayer. Asking God for things in Jesus’ name is powerful and effective. There is also power in stepping out, getting into dark places and deep water where you desperately need God to show up or your done for. I guess I can look at all these things and look to strengthen them. But still I’m struck by Jesus’ words about being clothed with power.

That is not just an inner thing, revealing who God is and his love for us. That is of course a massive part of the work of the Spirit. But Jesus talks about being clothed with power. Something is put on us. Around us. Like Sigourney Weaver in Aliens when she gets into that exoskeleton to beat up the Alien Queen. She is not just operating with a new confidence or gifting. She is clothed with power.



This power is not such that we become physically invincible or incredibly intelligent. The empowered disciples pretty much all ended up dead-Well, obviously they did, but I mean in horrid ways because of their faith. But they had a very fruitful life up until that point. There were thousands saved and hundreds healed.  They burned brightly.

We are like a wick. On it’s own there is a little light, it smoulders a bit and then fizzles out. Placed in a bowl of oil and lit, it burns brighter and longer. It’s not really the wick that is burning but the oil, yet the oil needs the wick to fix the location and bring definition to the flame. I’m sure you know that the Holy Spirit is spoken of as oil in the bible so I won’t labour the point. I’ll just look for suitable picture…


Get one end of your life in the oil and one in the world.


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