Cake or biscuit


Interesting little article here about how the tax man misclassified Jaffa Cakes as a biscuit. The inland revenue lost the case after tests proved that they got drier when left in the open air.

4317399455_c907620fe1_b.jpg(image from here)

More interesting than the cake/biscuit debate however, is the place where these cakes came from. I think. I can’t find the source now. Anyway the port town of Joppa is sometimes called Jaffa, and it was in Joppa that Jonah boarded a shop to Tarshisha.

Great  preach by Ravi Zachariss on Jonah in which he so vividly brings out why Jonah does not want the Ninevites to be forgiven.

It was a busy port in Solomon day and pops up a few times in the NT. Peter got his vision of the great sheet (and encouragement to go to the gentiles) at Joppa.


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