Testimony from Jews that found Jesus


There is something so deeply moving and profound about Jewish people coming to faith in Jesus as their Messiah.




This guy saw a vision of Jesus in front of a cross.


Love this lady’s experience of the Holy Spirit being on her as she was prayed for.

“It was like an electric love hug of proportions I just can’t even imagine and I just felt this huge sense of truth of who Jesus is”

When asked by her synagogue leaders how she could believe that Jesus was the messiah she says:

“The beauty of how this happened to me is that I was so hit with the truth of it, All I could say was I felt it, I could feel it at such a deep level, that all I could answer was with great conviction ‘I can’t explain why, but it is true, I know it is true- I know it is in my heart. And I have the rest of my life to read Scripture and understand the why, but I know it is, it is the truth”.





Isiah 53


“I love my family but I can’t shut up about who this Jesus is anymore!”


All these vids all from ImetMessiah.com, by One for Israel.

Of course its wonderful when anyone believes in Jesus as their Lord and saviour, God called Abraham, Issac and Jacob to bless the nations, but there is still something so right and special about their natural decedents, the ones who inherited the promises, the ones who were stewards of the revelation of God in the law and prophets, who waited so long, and passed these things down through generations, recognising Jesus as the fulfilment of all of their longing and history. And especially so in light of the tragedy that many missed who Jesus was when he came.




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