Antoney Flew

Interesting vid about Antony flew and his journey from Leading Atheist to persuaded deist (there is a creator God who made the universe) due to the

“almost unbelievable complexity of DNA which looks to me like the work of intelegence”.

This is massive turn around. In his book “Theology and falsification” he argues that:

  • The universe has always exited and always will
  • Life is a random process
  • The existence of God is a contradiction, in particular God’s goodness is incompatible with the world we live in.

His argument was very influential at the time but now seems rather dated. Modern physics and the Kallem argument have now undermined point no. 1. Biology (certainly in Flue’s mind) has undermined point no. 2 through revealing the massive complexity of life. And it seems to me that you need God to exist in order for the concept of “goodness” to have an objective basis.


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