Evening with John Lennox


“the only incomprehensible things about the universe is that it is comprehensible.”Einstein

I think John Lennox mentioned it in this vid:

He also talks about Eugine vigner’s 1961 paper on the unreasonable effectiveness of mathematics. ie How come when we use maths to model something it often turns out to describe much more than we thought. The universe seems to be very well described by mathematics.


“not to forgive imprisons me in the past and locks out all potential for change. I yield control to another, my enemy, an doom myself to suffer the consequences” Philip Yancey


“With me the horrid doubt always arises, weather the convictions of mans mind which has been developed from the mind of lower animals, are of any value or at all trustworthy. Would anyone trust in the convictions of a monkeys mind if there are an convictions in such a mind”Darwin

Why should beliefs produced by physiology be mostly true?

“It is not irrational to believe in the supernatural but it is irrational to believe solely in nature. The boot is entirely on the other foot. Atheistic reductionism undermines the foundations of the very nature of the rationality need to construct its arguments, or any argument of any kind whatsoever. ” Lennox


“Only if we assume a God who is morally our like can truth and the search for truth be at all something meaningful and promising of success. This God left aside the question is permitted is whether being deceived is not one of the conditions of life.” Niche


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