Gifts and gaps

God has given each one of us certain gifts. But he has also seen to it that we have some gaps. Areas of weakness, things that we are not very good at. The contour of these gifts and gaps makes up a ridge akin to the teeth of a key. Have you ever seen someone make a key? They file it down precisely in such a way that the teeth engage with a particular lock and open it. A key with no gaps is no key at all. And a small key can open a big door as well as a large key. Conversely if a key can’t unlock a particular door its usually not because its too small.


God has made each one of us fit for task. He has prepared us and the trasks in advance. What a privalge to feel the Lord’s hand on you applying just enough pressure to open up a partucualr contect or situation.

BTW, when I say gap I’m not talking about sin, but it would certainly include an area of vulnerability. Something where we find there is a particular pain or cost in following Jesus. It would also include ill health, forgetfulness, dyslexia, and lots of other things.

The apostle Paul was a big key, opening countries to the gospel. But he did it with gaps as well as gifts because God’s power works best alongside weakness.

Thank you Lord for making me just so. Help me to follow you into the particular situations, big or small, you have fashioned for me to open up. And thank you that your power is made perfect in weekness.

“Noone who knows who God made them to be will ever want to be anyone else” Bill Johnson


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