Endless editing

My book needed another round of editing. A few spelling mistakes and several comma related changes. Oh and making sure ‘Bible’ is capitalised.


Still not sure if I was right to go for the Oxford comma but it’s done now and consistency is the key. I also opted for British style of a putting full stop after closing quotation marks unless the thing quoted was a sentence. American style always puts it inside, I think because it helped with typesetting and printing when it was done manually. It does sort of look better, but I like the logic of the British way of doing things.

Another major challenge is having British spelling in main text but American spelling in quoted ESV text. I didn’t know about the Anglicised ESV when I started writing it several years ago and I’m not sure I want to go through and change all scripture quotes at this stage. I have gone for American double quotation marks in the main text which is consistent with the ESV, plus they say ‘quote’ to me a lot more than the understated British single quotation mark.

Just need to make changes to the word file now and send it off again for another proof. Hopefully not long now before Reaching for Healing is finally finished.








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