Power made perfect in weakness



Lovely to see this rare film footage of Wigglesworth. Lester Sumrall talks about his relationship with Wigglesworth here.

He heard a story in San-Francisco about Wigglesworth which made him want to meet the man. You can hear the story here  @ 00:7:50. Wigglesworth basically killed a dying man with terminal stomach cancer, who came for prayer, by punching him.

Apparently “His daughter was stone deaf and he couldn’t get her to hear”

“He was a faith healing who couldn’t see to read and his daughter was his assistant who couldn’t hear”.

Of course, people mocked him about that but he was undeterred. He said

“if you can tell me why Elisha was bald I’ll tell you why I [need glasses] ”.

I’m going to keep praying for people even though I’m not 100% well myself…yet.


2 thoughts on “Power made perfect in weakness

  1. I admire that you keep praying for others despite not being 100% yourself. We have been praying and believing and declaring for one of my kids… for years now. Sometimes I get discouraged as we have not seen breakthrough yet. I know our God is a miracle-worker, He is healer and that nothing is impossible for Him. Please pray that I would not get bogged down in discouragement but that we would see breakthrough!

    • Thanks for your comment. Will certainly be praying for breakthrough for you and your family. Keep looking to him. No one who trusts in the LORD will ever be put to shame!
      God bless

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