God addict


“For someone addicted to porn, the intensity of craving as measured in an MRI scan is more than twice that of someone addicted to crack cocaine….just out of interest, if you put someone else in the machine and ask them to worship God, the same area of the brain will light up. “As the dear pants after water so my soul longs after you”.

I would like to suggest to you that we are designed, deliberately by God to have an overwhelming insatiable uncontrollable desire for intimacy and connection with him. We were built for that relationship and we are actually physically designed for it. It should be the case that if we have been away form him for a while, not talking to him, haven’t been praying to him, ….we should be utterly overwhelmed with a desire for him… the brain is like a muscle, it changes at it is used…it takes 9 years for it to go back to the way it was…”  Michael Ramsdon




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