Cover Story

I thought I’d show how  I got to the final cover design for my book “Reaching for Healing”.


The first design was just a standard one from Createspace. The first chapter talked about not being able to see the wood for the trees (ie we may see lots of individual healing miracles in the bible, but miss the overriding principle that God clearly loves making people well).


I moved from Createspace mainly because it was based in the USA and so postage costs for proofs were too much plus they took far too long to arrive. Lulu has been great and really easy to use. Even when I was sent some rather badly printed and damaged books the customer support was excellent and more than made up for it. Here is the cover design I used for my first Lulu book. It’s more fruity than the last one.


I quite liked it but the feedback was that it looked dated so I had another go. A friend got me off to a good start with the lettering which I pretty much kept the same in every design:


As you can see I had changed the sub-title at this point to be more in line with the main idea in the book and less academic. Feedback on design was that it looked like alien hands, which once mentioned, it definitely does.

My next attempt was a bit impressionistic. It is made up of hands and a cross but I thought it was a bit like a crystal and not a strong enough stand out image.


Next one kept the background but had a hand reaching for Jesus’ hem. Looks a bit creepy though doesn’t it? Plus it’s even more wishy-washy than the last one.


Another simpler reaching hand. As you can see I was finding it hard to completely ditch the impressionistic hands and triangle background:


The feedback was that the hand was a bit strange/not quite right so I tried something different and a bit more bold and colourful:


I liked it but the red hands looked a bit like they had been skinned. It also looked a bit too much like a primary school textbook, so I tried blue again. Only later on did I find out blue was often associated with healing (Apparently Jesus tassels on his garment would have been blue).


It was better but still didn’t look stylish, bold and simple enough so tried this:


It was the best so far but I was having lots of discussions about whether the sub-title should be blue or black.


I preferred blue. Others liked black best. The problem was solved by someone suggesting that I move the strap line up and Bingo! The winning design. Now I see them all together its the best by a long way.  Thank you everyone for lots of honest feedback! It helped me keep coming up with new ideas.


I guess I could have kept going (at one point I was designing a new cover or version every evening) but this one is good enough for now. All the different source images are public domain too which is handy.

Here is the print version at lulu and here is the ebook. It’s on goodreads and you can also get it at Amazon as print or ebook.


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