I love your presence (part 5)

Here is some of my notes from the healing conference in Kent a few weeks ago. I appreciate that they will not be much interest to most people and are a bit too bitty but it’s doing me a lot of good writing them up  and I want to keep a record of them. I’m pushing forward at the moment with the idea of putting more stuff online. I can’t see much reason to keep this where I will forget about it and no one else will ever see it. Anyway, this talk was given by Joaquin Evans:

  • Christianity is not about God it’s being with God.
  • God is not just a healer he is healing. Healing is not just something he does from time to time, it is something that he is, his presence brings healing. Where his presence goes healing goes. If God is healing then wherever he is healing will come. (me – God releases the captives, “where the Spirit of the Lord is there is freedom” – however God is sometimes very present with people in captivity…)
  • Hebrews 11:1 tells us that faith is a substance. (me – I have often wondered about what this verse is saying about faith…I must look into it more. Similarly with the idea of the anointing…)
  • Belief needs expectancy to become faith. You can believe but not do or expect something to happen. Faith has expectancy. (me – I like this, not least because God has been highlighting the word expectancy for me as a key part of faith).
  • They often see miracles without anyone laying hands on people. Once a man’s ear started hearing again as he stepped into the room.
  • “We lay hands on people if we have to”
  • Faith is spelt risk because we have to step out
  • Sometimes the best thing you can do is outside the box. There was a lady with crushed bones, I think in her foot. An off road vehicle had run over her. You would think that would take lots of prayer. They just said to her “Walk down to the wall and back” and she was healed.
  • The world is currently experiencing the greatest revival that has ever touched the Earth (apart from when Jesus was around). It’s not just happening in one place, it’s worldwide.
  • Col 1:19 – “peace” in this verse means to be made whole or to be set at one again.
  • (me – creation waits for the sons of God to be revealed because son ship is more primary). Not conservation but conversion.
  • “The cool of the day” = “ruach/breath of the day”, => Adam walked with God in the spirit. (me – I can kind of see that as the word can be translated “breath”)
  • I command this knee to behave itself” ie call the knee back into the order it was created for.
  • A man persuaded his father who had stage for esophageal cancer to come to the Bethel healing rooms. His father didn’t want to go but agreed on the condition that no one would lay hands on him. Everyone respected his desire when he was being prayed for, except a 12-year-old boy who hadn’t heard the instruction. The boy placed his hand on the man and the man fell over backwards and was out for 45 mins. There is no junior holy spirit! When the man came round he remarked what are the odds I would have landed on a pillow! (of course it had been put there for him after he fell!). He had felt fire and warmth in his chest and throat. While he was out Jesus had introduced himself. If you asked him who led him to the Lord he would reply “Jesus!”. He was totally healed and completely free of cancer. He got so tired of telling the specialists what had happened to him he made a brochure to tell all about it.
  • This man who I think is called Rick now drives people up every other weekend to the healing rooms to get them healed. He drove one lady who was going to die up to Redding. During the six-hour drive she was in great pain. She didn’t sleep all night when she got there because of the pain and the fear that it would not work. They brought her in a wheelchair. In 20 min she was up doing laps around the healing rooms.
  • The testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy. That means “God will do it again” (me – I am still looking in to this as I can’t quite see it).
  • A lady called Betty is 87 years old and is the most dangerous lady in the kingdom of heaven.
  • There is no such thing as a hard place once you show up.
  • In the Jewish quarter of Jerusalem Joaquin got a pain in his jaw. He asked two ladies if they had any pain in their jaw but they didn’t. He kept asking people until someone said “yes, how did you know?“. He replied “the God of Israel showed me“. If there is ever supposed to be a hard place you would think it would be in the Jewish quarter of Jerusalem. He prayed “in the name of the God of Israel, pain going“. When the person got healed he told them that this power is available through Jesus who we believe is the Messiah. The man he was healed couldn’t really argue because he had already has experience of Jesus and his power. It is hard to argue with an experience of the truth.
  • Jesus demonstrated first and explained second. (not always true but he did use miracles to back up his words “so that you may know…get up and walk”).
  • Anyway, after healing the man they called out to see if anybody else want to be healed. Breakthrough releases more breakthrough. Faith releases more faith. Just start with the one.
  • This might sound like an odd question but have you got pain in your left shoulder?”
  • I think they ended up being there 45 min healing loads of people.
  • Joaquin wasn’t always a Christian. For a while he was one foot in and one foot out. He prayed for two days “if you are real show up”. God said “you need to be humble”. He prayed what he later found out to be a very dangerous prayer “okay, then humble me“. In a meeting God told him to “get low“. The speaker was talking about this generation being the captain of the final harvest. He then said “there are people who need to humble themselves before God”. Joaquin said “if its you [God] get him to say it again“. The man did.  Joaquin ran to the front and threw himself on the ground. The liquid love of God fell on him and he had a vision of Jesus on the other side of a lake saying there is enough for anyone to have all they want. Joaquin was standing ankle deep at the water’s edge.
  • I do not have all the answers. “Not everyone that we pray for gets healed”. But I will see more tomorrow than today. When someone doesn’t get healed it’s important not to take offence. Why does someone get healed one time and not someone else the next time? I don’t know. Lean not on your own understanding. If I do not stop I will have more breakthrough.
  • They stopped people in Croatia and asked “do you want to feel the power of God?”. They place their hands over the hands of the person they were talking to and they felt the power of God. That makes talking about Jesus a whole lot easier because people have already encountered him
  • It’s about hosting his presence and letting him be good.
  • A number of people got healed to the conference. A five-year shoulder injury, a four-year numbness on one side from a 20 footfall. Four years of pain in the feet (and he was a postman!). Many years of pain the top of the back went in Jesus name. 10 years of allergies to fruit and vegetables and that’s gone. They eight an apple at lunch and lived to tell the tale (ie they suffered no ill effects). 20 years of pain and numbness all gone. Four years of pressure in the ears gone. They can also hear better now.
  • I think it was Bill Johnson who said “when you tell God you love him he puts it on speaker phone“.

Bill Johnson conference (part 2)

Here is the next batch of points I wrote down from the Bill Johnson conference (as I said before I’m still processing them but here they are in raw form):

· If several people don’t get healed of something like MS I think “God just summoned me” to see breakthrough in this.
· Nothing happens in the kingdom until first there is a declaration
· most Christians repent (ie change their minds) enough to get saved but not enough to see the kingdom come in any great measure
· Jesus said my words are spirit and truth, gods word releases the power of the spirit to bring the kingdom in.
· The hidden Power of heaven is in the hands. Peter took the man’s hands and he was healed.
· Do not lower Scripture to experience rather raise experience to Scripture
· we do not have the right to say it was God’s will to take a child home to him when it dies prematurely. Not everything that happens is God’s will.
· In the process of learning we face disappointment but we cannot change the standard Jesus set. Everyone was healed.
· We have no right to get into gilt and shame when we don’t see people healed. That will only sets us back.
· We need to cry out to God in the secret place and then take risks in a public place.
· In releasing Gods power words are important (ie be healed), touch is important (ie laying on of hands), acts of faith are important (try walking on that leg now) and so are prophetic acts (throw an axe handle in after the axe head to make the axe head float – ie there is no direct link between the action and result).
· There is a difference between principles and presence. We must never put people at risk because of the principle that we might decide to step out in such a way when we are confident of the presence.
· Faith does not need to be proven. It just is.
· Thankfulness is the atmosphere of faith.
· Colossians 3 says fix your mind on things above. You seem world is more substantial than the visible world. Faith needs to be anchored in the eternal unseen realm.
· We pray for the sick so that Jesus gets what he paid for
· celebrating another person’s victory is what qualifies us for our own
· the church in England is afraid of blessing “what will people think if good things happen to me?” We feel the need to excuse or explain ourselves when God blesses us in some way what God wants to mark us with his blessing
· to do all you have in your hearts to do for God you will need to prosper. If not your heart is not big enough.
· To not seek the blessing of the Lord is one of the most selfish acts of the church.
· It would be very difficult not to run to God if we really knew how good he is.
· Romans eight describes the most powerful prayer meeting in the Bible. The holy spirit, Jesus, and creation are groaning and crying out.
· Hell is plan B. Plan A is gods kindness that leads to repentance. We shouldn’t scare people with hell, but motivate them by God’s kindness.
· Some people criticise the church when it is enjoying God’s blessing by saying ” you are just one big bless me club” to which bills reply is ” and the problem with that is?”
· Psalm 67 -> bless us, so that everyone knows how good you are and get saved – even the land will be miraculously productive.
· John 1 : I pray that you will prosper and be in good health.
· All the men and women whom God has used powerfully to heal the sick believe that ” all sickness comes from the devil”. The destroyer, the devourer. John G Lake. Aimee Semple McPherson. etc

A lot of very provoking statements here, especially the point about blessing made from Psalm 67. As my heart is broken over child trafficking around the world, I can expect God to bless me massively to bring the kingdom in there big time.

More gems

Here are some more gems from the Heaven touches earth conference:
  • The holy Spirit fell on the disciples just as the father “fell” on the prodigal son
  • We need to be more concerned to connect to God’s love than plugging into God’s power. The former is the foundation for the latter.
  • Philip was an ordinary person, a deacon, a servant in the church in Acts, not an apostle yet he did amazing miracles. That means we can too! His daughters prophesied. I wonder what it was like around their breakfast table.
  • Miracles and healing and the gospel can impact a whole city and bring joy to it.
  • Its grace but there is a price to pay for miracles and healing
  • You have to press and crush something to get the oil out. Jesus was crushed.
  • Big difference between preaching the gospel to get someone into the kingdom, and preaching the gospel of the kingdom to empower you and change you and make you effective in the kingdom.
  • You can see the Spirit. His effects are visible.
  • The flow of the Holy Spirit in you is related to your heart.
  • He’s not called Holy Spirit for nothing. He loves holiness and being in and on  people who live right.
  • It’s not just the message of the gospel that is important it’s the method. It’s proclamation with power in signs and wonders.
  • Revival must be related to and result in holiness.
  • Jesus loves me this I know because the Spirit tells me so
  • Take baby steps to God.
  • The holy Spirit is not the butler of heaven
  • If you have unforgiveness in your heart you will be tormented.
  • Look to cooperate with the Holy Spirit not coerce Him
  • Less is not more in the Kingdom. Expect more as it’s an ever increasing kingdom.
  • Develop a friendship with the Holy Spirit
  • The happiest command in the Bible is to be filled with the Holy Spirit
  • The trinity is not Father Son and Holy Bible! Its Father Son and Holy Spirit
  • It’s not all about authority, or bible knowledge it’s about intimacy.
  • “stay on the floor and have some more!”
  • Doing the works of miracles and bypassing intimacy with God is slavery.
  • We are not looking for manifestations, we are looking for Jesus
  • God’s glory is the substance of his goodness
  • The kingdom starts of concealed in smallness like a small flame in the heart of a pile of wood.
  • Focus on what God is doing or has done, not on what he has not done
  • Ex 40:34 everything was anointed with oil then the cloud came, Jn 17, 18, 2 cor 3:12
  • God is omnipresent but loves to manifest his presence at certain times and places
  • To someone after miracles: “there are ship wrecks where you are going” reply: “yes but that’s because there is treasure there”.
  • Chew on the meat and spit out the bones
That’s all of them! The process of writing them all down again helped me and I hope there are some nuggets for others there too.