Delia Knox in the Daily Mail!

Ever since seeing Delia stand up out of her wheel chair I’ve been following the story from afar. Seems like the daily mail got wind of it as well:


Delia Knox : a year or so on

When I first saw the video of Delia getting out of the wheel chair I was fascinated and exited but cautious. I decided to watch how things developed. Something like that could not fissile out and time would show it to be genuine. I guess though even if she did end up back in the chair for the rest of her life I would not want to totally dismiss what happened but actually the reverse turned out to be the case.

I read this article recently which sums up most of my thoughts.

Similar points I would make are:

1) Some scepticism is healthy when someone, apparently miraculously, gets out of wheel chair. People do fake it, leaders can be deceptive, excitement can carry us away, and we can be naive.

2) But there should also be a high expectation for this sort of thing, at least among Christians. The bible leads us to expect this sort of thing to happen so there should be a balancing weight for our scepticism that expects this to happen and doesn’t rule it out but rather actively looks for it. (Having read this through after posting it I think points 1 and 2 should be swapped round in order of priority. We expect miracles but check them out careful because we don’t want the in authentic to undermine genuine miracles).

3) Her previous illness is well documented. Sometimes it’s not clear how ill someone was before the alleged miracle. In this case there is no doubt that she was in an accident many years ago and was for many years in a wheel chair. I would have thought the longer you are in a chair the less chance you have of walking due to muscle atrophy too. While the degree of incapacitation out of the public eye can only be attested by those who know her well I see no reason to think she was up and about “Little Britton” style when the camera where off.

4) She is of good character. Nothing I have seen leads me to believe she is of dubious character. Everything points towards her being a genuine and honest person.

5) The miracle itself was captured on video. It was not behind closed doors but publicised around the world. The events of subsequent nights were also filmed and publicised. We could all watch on and see what was happening.

6) The miracle was understated rather than overstated, testified to in a cautious manner, and described as progressive. No one pretended that she was better then she really was.

7) The guys that prayed for her didn’t seem to cash in on it.

8) There is ample documentation, testimony and video evidence that she is walking now, even though her movement is not 100% perfect at this point.

9) Of course you could suggest other explanation ie her nerves had grown back together over time and she just needed a reason to try them out but there will always be this kind of explanation in such cases. The same could be true of the guy who got up in Acts 3 although that is a far greater miracles in that he had never walked and his healing seemed to be more total and instantaneous. If you think miracles never happen then, especially at a distance of half way round the world, it’s hard to see how any amount of evidence would change that. A missing leg growing back might do it I suppose but I don’t think even Jesus did that (creative miracles of that nature are however reported to have taken place at the Azuza street revival and a more recent testimony at Since I first drafted this post a couple of days ago (before it had been posted), I got a comment testifying to another miracle of this sort  and then in another coincidence  I read this testimony of 500 people receiving new limbs What do I do with that?).

Over a year ago Delia Knox got out of wheel chair after being in it for over two decades. People have said she never got out of it in that time in the same way and I have no evidence to contradict that. What is certain and documented is that she lived and worked in a chair all that time and now she is walking around out of the chair. I am thrilled this has proved lasting and genuine and pray we will see more and greater things in the days ahead. (Another comment “post post”  so to speak- I really should have let this incubate for a few more days before posting: In all this discussion about the occurrence of miracles today and specifically weather this one is genuine or not I don’t want to miss the fact that an individual’s life has been changed for the better. God has been very gracious to a lady he loves dearly and she can now move in a way she was previously unable to do. It seems a small thing in all the storm of controversy but for Delia Knox and her Lord and  Savior it’s probably the most signification thing about it. It reminds me of when Jesus healed a blind man and the excited fellow ended up being grilled by the indignant and hostile Pharisees).

A recent clip I found of her walking around.

Healing Encounter with Roy Todd

Roy Todd

I went to The Open Venue yesterday for the start of Roy Todd’s healing Encounter tour. I read a great book by him a few months ago called “In Pursuit of the miraculous” and so was very keen to go. It was the next way point on a journey I have been on since watching a testimony of Delia Knox on the internet.

At the start a guy called Dave Bell lead some great worship and then gave his testimony. He was very seriously ill with a rare tumor behind his eye but by God’s grace and the doctors skill he has made a miraculously full recovery. I didn’t realize at the time that he was Stuart Bells son who heads up (?) Ground level.  City church in Norwich is also part of this Network.

After another song Roy gave a talk on Jesus’ Manifesto:

  • Jesus gave his manifesto when he read form the scroll of Isaiah at the beginning of his ministry:
  • The spirit of the Sovereign Lord is on me to:
  • 1) Preach good news.
  • We must not turn good news into bad. The gospel is good news. The church has good news to tell people. Yes there is a day of judgment coming but now is the year of favor.
  • Jesus bore God’s wrath on the cross (me – it was so thrilling and exciting to hear the gospel proclaimed so clearly).
  • He died for the world but he did it for you.
  • Death could not hold him. He burst forth from the grave.
  • This is something to cheer about. Better than a football team scoring a goal.
  • 2) Freedom for the prisoners.
  • In the well off democratic West we think we are free but it’s more about freedom in our hearts. Sometimes the things we think we are free to do are the things that end up enslaving us.
  • “It is for freedom that Christ has set us free”.
  • “Some need a hug. Some need a kick up the butt.”
  • Like an eagle kicked out of the nest. (he is talking to Christians at this point I think, encouraging them to go for it, I guess in things like healing and sharing the gospel)
  • A mother eagle will try to get her young out of the nest by flying around to demonstrate to them what they can do. When that fails she might try destroying the nest but still her chicks cling to the side of the cliff and try to get comfy there. Finally she bumps them off the side and they fall off. Just before they impact on the ground below she catches them, flies them back and pushes them off again until they finally get it.
  • She might have to do it 20 or 30 times. (Not sure if this is a true story or not!)
  • 3) To recover the sight of the blind.
  • There is spiritual and physical blindness.
  • 4) Release the oppressed.
  • Oppressed means chained down, weighed down, burdened.
  • Free from: Sin, sickness and Satan
  • God heals. “Does it mean we have all the answers. No. We simply keep believing that God is who he says he is.”

He then told a story about a lady whose legs had got stronger as she was helped up out of a wheel chair. She ended up walking around.  Her doctor was there at the time and said it was a miracle. He was the one who  said she would probably never walk again.

Over 30 people responded to the gospel and when he prayed for people at the end a dozen or so people testified to being healed. Some testified to being free from pain, others that some degree of movement had come back to a limb. Obviously others need to check things out with their doctor.

Oh, here is an interesting comment he made: “The devil goes to church more than some Christians.” He also said at some point “The grace of God is not fair. We don’t get a quota that gets used up.”

About Norwich he said it was no coincidence that this was the starting point of the tour. He was going to go all round the UK and then to the States but he said that it was significant that he was starting here.

“I am here to proclaim favor over Norwich….This is the year of God’s favor….People will talk about this night for years to come…..Healing and miracles on a scale never seen before. Get rid of cynicism. I pronounce miracles  so great that the secular media will notice it. Blind eyes opening. Revival is not something you go to its you. You are revival.”

Encouraging stuff.

A series of coincidences (reaching for fruit in supernatural healing part 3)

I love God’s presence. Last Sunday I went to another church’s evening meeting as I heard it was a great place to enjoy the powerful presence of God. Of course God is always present, of course He turns up when I’m alone, of course He is there when I worship on Sundays, but hey, I’m, greedy.

Actually I also felt that God had lead me to go through a series of “coincidences”. A few months ago I started following the testimony of Delia Knox, a lady who got out of a wheel chair at a church meeting in Mobile Alabama in a move of God called, I think “the Bay of the Holy Spirit revival”. I was really believing God for healing to break out here in the Norwich in the UK  and so was looking around for testimonies of what God is doing elsewhere.

I followed this particular healing for two reasons. First, I just happened to be studying Acts 3 and 4 where a man whose legs didn’t work gets healed (I know the Acts one is far more dramatic and conclusive but there are at least some similarities you have to admit). The second reason was that I was basically curious as to how much of a healing had taken place and how long lasting it would be. Well, as I followed it, it seemed more and more genuine to me and was a source of great encouragement.

The first coincidence (or the second if you count the timing of her healing with my preaching on Acts 3) was that this lades’ home in the states turned out to be very near where I was born. I know that’s a small thing but it did make it a bit more special for me. Secondly (or thirdly) she was healed at a church in the states that just happened to have some links with one in my city. I stumbled across a meeting that was due to take place in Norwich where, John Wilkinson, one of the guys from “the Bay of the Holy Spirit revival” was speaking.

Even more significant though, was that a prophecy was given in Mobile Alabama by Nathan Morris, one of the key guys involved with the healing, that God would make Norwich in the UK a city of refuge, revival and healing . At the time that it was given it just so happened that a guy from Norwich was there (he was actually at the meeting I went in Norwich and spoke a little about it).

Anyway, after a cancelation due to snow and missing the rescheduled one, I final got to go to this church in Norwich and hear from one of the guys connected with all that God is doing in Mobile. I must say I had a great time. The presence of God was really tangible as people got prayed.

I thank God for all the great churches in Norwich and the way God is beginning to move!  The more I press into healing the more I discover that others are way ahead of me and that’s actually very encouraging. I am not much of a pioneer but as I can’t let go of this healing thing I want be with others who are pressing forward too.


1000 page views since I moved to wordpress. Another blogging milestone reached. I wish I could say it’s because of my interesting and informative blogs but the statistics tell a different story. A mention of Mr Motivator has got me the most hits recently. I just added a picture of him in my “Learning a little Greek series” with his name under it and started getting lots more traffic. My wife suggested I should mention Cheryl Cole to get even more hits so sorry if you arrived here expecting to find out something about her. I know nothing!

More on topic for my blog (which is supposed to be vaguely theological in content) the mention of Delia Knox is drawing quite a bit of passing traffic too.

Looking at the statistics for the last few months I can see that at least 75% of people (it’s hard to know exactly for sure)  leave my site after 5 seconds but  5% stay for between 5 minutes and an hour.  Around 17% of visitors are returning visitors so hopefully some are finding something helpful here.

This is the most popular page (it’s about Delia Knox)

The next one is one that mentions Christopher Hitchens and Tony Blair despite being virtually empty of content.

Then comes my latest update on the Delia Knox testimony:

Then the page with links to my series that I added when someone told me how to do pages:

Then the “about” page.

I’m not too disappointed that none of my content is that popular as I’m mainly writing the blogs for my benefit. In fact I wish I had more time to think and write about even more stuff. Even though I am blogging most days my “Blogging through the bible blog”  has slowed down recently and I have tonnes of stuff I am having to shelve for this one. I am reminded of a prophetic word about having more time to run down theological rabbit holes. I do have a bit more time now but the rabbits are multiplying too fast for me.

Mike Betts’ preached at King’s yesterday. I love hearing him preach. He is always so rich in insight and wisdom and this time spoke on Psalm 96. In it God gives us some key instructions for keeping our focus. Just like our natural eyes can lose their focus as we get older so our spiritual focus can suffer if we are not attentive to the following:

1) Verse 1 says “Sing to the Lord a new song“. We need to seek fresh insight from the Lord about the Lord. Don’t be like a broken record saying the same ting over and over. Seek fresh perspective about him that will help us love him more. Every day of Jesus’ life he faced the fact that he was going to the cross but each day he had a newness of his love for his father.

2) Verse 4 says “Great is the Lord and most worthy of praise. He is to be feared above all gods“. We must let God dominate our perspective. Jesus is above all. Mike kept repeating that phrase “Jesus is above all“. Problems at work? “Jesus is above all“. Illness? “Jesus is above all“. Tensions between North and South Korea that threaten world peace? “Jesus is above all”.

3) Verse 6 says “Splendour and majesty are before him; strength and glory are in his sanctuary“. Get to know God such that you are never short of words to describe him; his nature and his character. Meditate on scripture. That is a dying art. (It’s interesting that I have just been talking about that at the UEA and blogging about it in this series). How well do you know your saviour? Who he is, is the anchor of our lives. “I’m out of my depth”, said Mike, “but I keep swimming out to sea and not back to shore. That’s because I know who God is”.

4) Verse 9 says, “Worship the lord in the splendour of his holiness.”  I think that was the verse anyway. Mike talked about the importance of not sinning. When you feel dull and your focus goes squiffy, DON’T SIN! The Devil does not play by the Queensbury rules. He hits you when you are down. He accuses us day and night. He doesn’t sleep. When we wake up he has been thinking all night about the first words to put into our heads to dishearten us. We need to draw close to God ASAP when we get up.

It was a great preach and looking at the Psalm again his approach is interesting in itself. He basically asked a question of the Psalm and got an answer. I did that with Psalm 119 when I asked it “how and why should we read God’s word“. Asking questions of scripture is such a fruitful way of accessing its truth and is complementary to straight exegesis.  I remember Tim Keller talking about it in a lecture I attended once. He said that there is an infinite amount of truth in a passage so there is no way you are ever going to exhaustively exegete it dry. You have to keep asking questions of it and receiving more and more truth.

One more thought : When I was at the UEA I said that I knew there was a mysterious but key link between Jesus, as the incarnate word of God, and the bible as the written word of God (which is of course about Jesus). I admitted that I didn’t know much about the link (it’s another rabbit hole I would love to go down!).   Interestingly at the end of the Sunday meeting one of the leaders brought a scripture which looks relevant:

Rev 19:13   He is clothed in a robe dipped in blood, and the name by which he is called is The Word of God. (ESV)

God is good, his word is amazing and his son is awesome. I wonder how many more people will look over my shoulder as I continue to meditate on the unsearchable riches of Christ in my blog.

PS. Another spine tingling verse that I came across while looking up Rev 19:13 is

Jer 33:16   “In those days Judah will be saved, and Jerusalem will dwell securely. And this is the name by which it will be called: ‘The LORD is our righteousness.'” (ESV)

God’s names and nature are soooo cooool. The promises of God are indeed all yes and amen in Jesus Christ (2 Cor 1:20).

The continuing testimony of Delia Knox

I am keeping an eye on the exciting events sounding Delia Knox. Judging by the number of hits my last post on her has had and the number of tweets and web searches people seem to be doing, other people are quite interested too.

Since the initial few videos of her standing and walking a few others have been published which seem to show her healing is still continuing:

Not sure when this is but she is walking about for 25 mins with a little assistance and praying for people

And again:

And check these pics out:

Turns out she lives near where I was born!

And these videos are dated Thursday Oct 21st, so over a month after the healing started, show Delia walking out of a car and up some steps. Still being gently helped on either side but very much out of a wheel chair. I’m afraid at this point I can’t hold in a “praise God!”. Praise God!!

Her sister talking about it and some clips of news coverage.

A trascript of CNN report after a movie clip was shown:

PHILLIPS: Yes, that’s from “Fletch Lives.” Chevy Chase poking fun at faith healers. Maybe this is how you view it. It’s fraud healing. You know, the stuff of parody.

If you do, just suspend your disbelief for a couple of minutes and watch this story from Lorey Schultz of WIVB in Buffalo. It’s about a family getting ready to see their daughter walk for the first time in 23 years.

And I want to say we did ask the Shepherd Center — that’s a spinal cord injury rehabilitation hospital here in Atlanta — about this. And they said right off the bat that it seems like a hoax.

So you take a look at this and then we want you to weigh in.



LOREY SCHULTZ, WIVB, BUFFALO (voice-over): Amelia Roman has waited 23 years for this moment. With family and friends by her side, was about to see her daughter, Delia, walking home.

SCHULTZ: Did you pray every day for Delia?

ROMAN: Every single day.

SCHUTLTZ (voice-over): Others were just as excited.

MILAGROS FANCHER, FRIEND: I can’t wait. I cannot wait to see what God was able to do.

CASIMIRO RODRIGUEZ, FRIEND: Our faith has always been that God does miraculous things.

SCHULTZ (voice-over): For more than two decades, gospel singer Delia Roman-Knox was the woman in the wheelchair. At 25, she was paralyzed from the waist down after being hit by a drunk driver.

DELIA ROMAN KNOX, GOSPEL SINGER: I’m feeling your hands. SCHULTZ (voice-over): Now the Buffalo native, who resides in Alabama, can be seen all over YouTube. Eight weeks ago at a Christian revival, she shocked everyone when she got out of her wheelchair and walked.

Since then, she couldn’t wait to return to western New York to see her parents. Our camera rolled as she arrived and took her first steps outside the family home.


KNOX: That was one of my things, I just wanted to walk up the stairs and see my mom and my dad. I just thank God that they’re alive to see this.

SCHULTZ (voice-over): Delia claims she had no idea that on the night she was wheeled into the revival, she would leave on two feet.

KNOX: I would stay away from revivals because I’ve been pulled, plopped and dropped. This time, I walked. I didn’t sing. I didn’t talk. I just walked.

SCHULTZ (voice-over): Miracle?

KNOX: All I know is once I couldn’t walk, and now I walk.

ROMAN: My house is as a house of miracle. I tell you that it’s all — it’s only one way. The Lord.


PHILLIPS: Now, again, there’s been no medical explanation of why she’s able to walk now. Delia Knox didn’t want to talk about what her doctor or physical therapist think, and she wouldn’t go into detail about the medical condition that caused the paralysis. One skeptic says that maybe she could walk but just didn’t before that revival.

All right. We want you to weigh in now. What do you think? Faith or fraud? And do you have any miracle stories that you want to share with us? Leave your comments on my blog, I’ll read some of them next hour.


Anyway, will keep following this amazing story.

PS. Just seen this too were she looks even better.

Testimony of Supernatural healing

Just finished a packed weekend. I had the privilege of marrying an excellent couple on Saturday. Preached in the morning on two sites, then had lunch with the amazing Kings Care team. I felt warn out but happy to have done what God wanted me to do. Since I physically put myself in the places he had designated for me, and did my best to serve those around me, I trust that he used me. My natural inclination is always to come away thinking “I could have done so much better” so it’s soo good to know God’s “well done” in my spirit. I am so grateful to be co-working with Jesus and be included in his Father’s approval of him.

I was preaching on Acts 3:1-21 and decided late the night before  that I had too much material. I always get two thirds of the way through a preach and have to rush the rest so I decided to only do two out of my seven points and leave lots of time for prayer at the end. As it was I only got through one and a half points and was my usual 40 minutes. Oh well. My plan was to preach through the healing miracles in Acts but it seems as if I could do the whole series on this one passage!

It’s about Peter healing a man who can’t walk and coincidently, over the last week or so, I have been flowing Delia Knox’s unfolding testimony at the Bay of the Holy Spirit Revival. Basically she was in a car accident some 22 years ago and was left paralysed from the waist down with no feeling in her legs. As she was prayed for last week she got some feeling back, then stood up and with a lot of help walked around for a bit.

Delia Knox

What you are watching happened right in front of me at the Bay of the Holy Spirit Revival on August 27, 2010. Many of us here in Mobile, AL have known Bishop Levy Knox and his wife Delia for many years. Delia was injured in a car accident on Christmas Day, 1987, and was paralyzed from the waist down. She has had absolutely no feeling in her legs for 23 years. Until now. If you have never seen Jesus make the lame to walk… get ready.

pastormarkDLF  August 27, 2010

Same thing here I think:

On subsequent nights she improved still further until in the last few days she has walked unaided. That is amazing!!! I’m trying to be as sure as I can that it’s for real but so far not a hint for any foul play! Its really encouraging!

On Sept. 3, 2010 she seems to have more strength and need less help:

And in this most recent one dated September 04, 2010 she is walking unaided at times!

And here’s another version taken on a phone by the look of it:

Everyone is saying she was totally paralyzed for 22 years below the waist and now she is walking! Wow. And I am speaking on Peter and John healing a man crippled form birth who could not walk. A more serious condition I grant you, and one that was healed much quicker (he is jumping around a few minutes after being healed) but this is never the less the most amazing testimony I have seen! I’ll keep following it.

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