I love your presence (part 12)

The last set of notes from a healing conference I went to a while back:

  • Josh was speaking at this point I think as I was taking notes: [I realised one of the things that I like about these Americans is the lack of sarcasm and cynicism. These guys were so refreshing.]
  • At the end of Matthew Jesus tells his disciples to make disciples of all nations and to teach them to do obey everything the Jesus had commanded, ie heal the sick.
  • When you know who you are you know what you have.
  • Friendship comes from intimacy with the Father by the Spirit
  • Not by working but by abiding
  • Activating prophecy
  • There is no excuses for powerlessness!
  • There is no one person more anointed than another. It’s just that they know who they are and who God is. [me – not I guess in the sense that we are all set apart for God but are not some are more anointed for a particular use like prophecy or miracles or administration? Certainly that’s true in the way the term is often used in general conversation but I am not sure what the bible says about it.]
  • We enjoy God and release what we have
  • Their passion has always been his presence. Healing just happened.
  • If I don’t see another miracle would still be the happiest person on earth [me – this is soooo helpful and true. Knowing God’s love is the best thing ever]
  • The key to break through is knowing he loves you unconditionally.
  • God wants to be with you all the time.
  • You don’t even have to know what you are doing!
  • I know the Holy Spirit. I spend time with him and he comes with me.
  • There are miracles of authority and there are miracles of presence.
  • They went to Haiti with doctors to see the kingdom come. Most professional people there didn’t really get what Josh et al where there for. There was a baby with burns all over its body. Doctors where changing its nappy and it was screaming in pain. I think Josh was on his way to the loo when he felt the Spirit go towards the baby. So Josh went towards the baby. They baby stopped crying. When he was near the baby was quiet. When he moved away it cried. Miracles of overflow.
  • Healing is your birthright
  • Josh prayed briefly for peoples necks (I think it was) to get better. Three or four people testified to some improvement in the level of pain or mobility. He called one lady up to testify. He then said to her “you have a problem with your right ear” (or something like that). She said “yes“. He went “in Jesus name open”. She felt warmth and was healed of that too.
  • Every time one person gets healed faith and power is released for someone else.
  • Set aside anxiety and meditate on things that are good.
  • Philip 4:4 says “rejoice always in the Lord. Be anxious for nothing…the peace of God will guard your hearts and minds”
  • We don’t understand why things are not lining up. Peace attracts God who lines them up.
  • Thankfulness is a key to increase.
  • We need to steward what we have
  • Philip 4:8, 19   “Finally, brothers, whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is just, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is commendable, if there is any excellence, if there is anything worthy of praise, think about these things.And my God will supply every need of yours according to his riches in glory in Christ Jesus. (ESV)
  • Neh 8:10 – The Joy of the Lord is your strength.”
  • If you don’t see the breakthrough in your own life, thank God for someone else’s breakthrough
  • Where you sow attracts the plough
  • “Excuse me, God bless you today“.

And that’s the end of my notes. I’ve got a couple more conferences to write up so don’t worry, there is more coming! This conference ended with a fire tunnel which I went through several times. I would not normally be so greedy or pushy but when it comes to getting more of the Spirit to see people get well I have to put my natural English reserve aside and get as much as I can. I literally had to drag myself out of the tunnel the last time. “more LORD!” 🙂


I love your presence (part 11)

A few more notes from an excellent healing conference I went to a few months ago where two of the guys from Bill Johnsons Bethel church spoke on healing and healed lots of people too!

  • Three ways to carry the anointing
  • Heb 4:11   Let us therefore strive to enter that rest, so that no one may fall by the same sort of disobedience. (ESV)
  • you will know the truth / reality and the reality will set you free John 8:32
  • faith is the muscle that moves heaven [me – and you can feel it working sometimes. It may be because I am not trusting fully but it can be exhausting at times!]
  • Faith is expectation [me – hey, I realised that connection a year ago, that’s encouraging]
  • Anointing = smeared
  • They told a story of a guy who saw them do some strange stuff in a parking lot. He was attracted to the joy.
  • Pete : Info gets you so far. Revelation gets you further [yes, there is a big difference! You can know something and then you can own something. Revelation leads to knowing]
  • Pete talked about “The road to Emmaus“:
  • Luke 24:13 That very day two of them were going to a village named Emmaus, about seven miles from Jerusalem (ESV)
  • They knew Jesus was a prophet but that was not the full truth.
  • They were disappointed (hope had been crushed)
  • Jesus had said he would raise but it had only been information to them.
  • They had to heard the grave was empty but they were not getting the juice.
  • greater things will he do“. “anyone”, is this info to us or revelation to us?
  • Jesus gave them a bible study and their hearts burned. Hope began to rise.
  • Jesus acted like he was going further. [me – I have blogged on this tactic of Jesus to draw us to him https://marcustutt.wordpress.com/2010/10/21/jesus-was-about-to-pass-them-by/ ]
  • Jesus wanted an invitation from them
  • “they urged him strongly” [me – I have taken to praying like this recently; calling out to Jesus with loud cries. Of course he can hear me but that fact that he knows what I want even before I say it at all does not make prayer unnecessary.]
  • A bible study will only get you so far
  • We need to invite Jesus in to eat and drink with us.
  • Once they had realized it was Jesus they went to tell others.
  • Many of us are more comfy doing bible studies than telling people about Jesus

Physically affected (Pursuing and prizing the presence of God Part 2)

I am on verse 2 of Psalm 84 and it’s doing me so much good.

My soul longs, yes, faints for the courts of the LORD; my heart and flesh sing for joy to the living God. Psalm 84:2

This man’s soul longs for the courts of the Lord. In terms of the tabernacle and temple these were the outer parts of God’s dwelling – the hallway or maybe the first reception room if you like. Even these places are amazing to be in and who the Psalmist is in his very being simply runs out of resource outside of the presence of God. Like a man in a desert who has gone without food and water for days he faints and falls to the ground outside of God’s house.

There is a great song I am enjoying at the moment by Misty Edwards called “Soul Cry”. The opening lines capture the sense of this well (although its referring to Psalm 42:1):

As the deer pants for the water, my soul longs for You
As the body dies without water, my soul dies without You

The presence of God is something so wonderful, so essential, to this man that both his heart and his flesh cry out for it. The heart is the centre of a person’s inner life, the will and the emotions, so this is indeed a deep “soul cry”. But the soul and body are intimately joined. There is an organic unity between our hearts and our flesh, a melding of one with the other. It’s hard to tease apart and separate the cells of our brain from the consciousness of our mind. We are made whole and so his physical body as well as his inner being is massively effected.

As we come into God’s presence it’s not just our minds and emotions that are effected, our bodies are too. The NIV has “my heart and flesh cry out” while the ESV says they “sing for joy”. According to my lexicon the word could be “whimper or moan” or “shout for joy”. Both are true.  When I realised I was away from God I cried out to him in longing and now I am with him I cry out to him with joy and a desire for more. Jonathan Edwards noted that in his meetings and under his preaching people fell due to the fear of hell or the foretaste of heaven.

Jonathan Edwards was happier than he looked!

Many young people appeared to be overcome with the greatness of divine things and many others at the same time were overcome with distress about their sinful state so that the whole room was full of nothing but outcries, faintings and such like and many were overpowered and continued there for some hours. Some have been so overcome with a sense of the dying love of Christ as to weaken the body. It was a very frequent thing to see a house full of outcries, faintings, convulsions and such like, both with distress, and also with joy” (The Great Awakening p. 547).

John Wesley’s journal entry for January 1st 1739 records:

“About sixty of our brethren, until three in the morning, the power of God came mightily on us, insomuch that many cried out for exceeding joy, and many fell to the ground.”

Martin Lloyd Jones notes that:

“Always in a revival there is what some call divine disorder. Some are groaning and agonising under conviction, others praising God for the great salvation. And all this leads to crowded and prolonged meetings. Time seems to be forgotten. A meeting may not end until daybreak the next morning with nobody aware of the passing of the hours.”

Sometimes the presence of God is so strong that the physical manifestations seem involuntary but at other times we choose to express ourselves by dropping to our knees, holding our hands up high, dancing, or jumping. Heres another great song I am enjyogin right now sung by Jules Burt on the NewDay 2010 Album:

I want to scream it out,
from every mountain top,
your godness knows no bounds,
your goodness never stops,
you mercy follows me,
your kindness fills my life,
your love amazes me,

and I sing because you are good
and I dance because you are good
and I shout because you are good

The sheer goodness of God provokes a response from our heat and soul. As we think about  God and he draws near to us our emotions spill over in tears or bubble up in laughter.  Sometimes we can hold them in but at other times they seem unstoppable. Have you ever laughed so hard you felt in danger of damaging your body, yet you could not stop? Perhaps you have at least been so happy you have had a little spontaneous hum or whistle.

In God’s presence our heart and body resonate together. We are made for God’s presence like a reed instrument is made for the breath of air. This man isn’t simply going through the motions singing hymns and songs that mean nothing to him. His joy and desire for God is as natural as a bird’s song.

Joy is a defining characteristic of the kingdom of God and of his presence. The kingdom of God is righteousness joy and peace. That means that “joy“, as I heard someone remarked recently, “is a third of the kingdom“. The presence of God brings such amazing joy. I love feeling it bubbling up from deep inside me as I become aware of the presence of God. It makes me want to smile, it makes me want to laugh, to sing, to dance. I was with a friend praying recently and we both just began to feel happy and smile and laugh. God is sooo God.

The person who penned this Psalm spoke, in terms that he could understand, of something that was yet to be revealed. He longed for the courts of the LORD because that is where God had declared and revealed his presence to be. We now live in the light of the amazing revelation that it’s in Jesus that we can know and experience the presence of God. Jesus is the temple, Jesus is the way to God. Jesus has destroyed all the barriers that stood in the way of us and God.  No longer do we need to stay back in the outer courts or on the other side of a curtain. No longer do we have to worship in a particular physical location. We have the truth and the reality of the temple in the person of Jesus and can worship and enjoy God’s presence by the Spirit at any time and in any place. In Christ we enjoy unrestricted access to the presence of God.

I am always challenged when I read the experience of people in the OT. How much better to live now after the cross and Pentecost yet even some of these OT guys enjoyed a wonderful experience and understanding of God. It’s like comparing the days of the slide rule with modern computers. You could make calculations then but I’d much rather use an electronic calculator. If they could do long multiplication then how much more should I be able to multiply now! If people in the OT longed for and enjoyed God’s presence then, how much more can we now.