Kris Vallotton on Profectic ministry

Here is a paraphrase of Kris Vallotton speaking about prophecy


“If for the sake of the analogy, my words are red, when I speak, if its prophecy, there is also blue along with them. The blue is the grace of God. God’s enabling grace comes along with my words and actually gives the power for a person to change or do whatever…”.


He tells a story on the Theology DVD of father of Lights about calling a man out of 1000 people and prophesying to him “You are a holy man”. Three years later that man came back to him and told him what had happened. At the time Chris called him a “holy man” he was a heroin addict and had been dragged to church by his friends. When those words were spoken over him he said it was as if something went into him. He was instantly delivered from drugs, and has since got a job, house and wife. Wow. “God calls though se things that are not as though they are” (Rom 4:17). Like he called Gideon “mighty worrier” when he was cowering in the wine press.



A series of coincidences (reaching for fruit in supernatural healing part 3)

I love God’s presence. Last Sunday I went to another church’s evening meeting as I heard it was a great place to enjoy the powerful presence of God. Of course God is always present, of course He turns up when I’m alone, of course He is there when I worship on Sundays, but hey, I’m, greedy.

Actually I also felt that God had lead me to go through a series of “coincidences”. A few months ago I started following the testimony of Delia Knox, a lady who got out of a wheel chair at a church meeting in Mobile Alabama in a move of God called, I think “the Bay of the Holy Spirit revival”. I was really believing God for healing to break out here in the Norwich in the UK  and so was looking around for testimonies of what God is doing elsewhere.

I followed this particular healing for two reasons. First, I just happened to be studying Acts 3 and 4 where a man whose legs didn’t work gets healed (I know the Acts one is far more dramatic and conclusive but there are at least some similarities you have to admit). The second reason was that I was basically curious as to how much of a healing had taken place and how long lasting it would be. Well, as I followed it, it seemed more and more genuine to me and was a source of great encouragement.

The first coincidence (or the second if you count the timing of her healing with my preaching on Acts 3) was that this lades’ home in the states turned out to be very near where I was born. I know that’s a small thing but it did make it a bit more special for me. Secondly (or thirdly) she was healed at a church in the states that just happened to have some links with one in my city. I stumbled across a meeting that was due to take place in Norwich where, John Wilkinson, one of the guys from “the Bay of the Holy Spirit revival” was speaking.

Even more significant though, was that a prophecy was given in Mobile Alabama by Nathan Morris, one of the key guys involved with the healing, that God would make Norwich in the UK a city of refuge, revival and healing . At the time that it was given it just so happened that a guy from Norwich was there (he was actually at the meeting I went in Norwich and spoke a little about it).

Anyway, after a cancelation due to snow and missing the rescheduled one, I final got to go to this church in Norwich and hear from one of the guys connected with all that God is doing in Mobile. I must say I had a great time. The presence of God was really tangible as people got prayed.

I thank God for all the great churches in Norwich and the way God is beginning to move!  The more I press into healing the more I discover that others are way ahead of me and that’s actually very encouraging. I am not much of a pioneer but as I can’t let go of this healing thing I want be with others who are pressing forward too.

End of Sabbatical report

I have just written the first draft of my “end of sabbatical” report. I based it around a prophetic word that Keith Hazel gave to me a month or so before it started. He didn’t know my plans and as I read it back I was amazed and encouraged at how accurate and illuminating it was.

Keith Hazell

He prophesied that it was “time to keep journals” and “it’s a database building time for you” which (with hindsight) fits well with blogging. Over the sabbatical this blog turned into a kind of public journal as the articles got longer and less punchy. I could never get my head around private journaling. I would start for a while but lacked the motivation or discipline to continue. Blogging is much easier and is essentially the same thing. Together with the line before, which said “You will look at passages you have looked at before and suddenly it’s like there is a whole mass of stuff coming out of that verse.” it seems so right I am also blogging through the bible (  It’s certainly a “long term” project that will require a “lot of word in [me]” and may be of interest to those who are new to the bible or “biblically illiterate“.

Keith also said to me that there were “rabbit trails/warrens for you to go down, to follow, you’ve got a lot of word in you. It’s about long-term thinking, like a gathering storm.” At the time I had on my computer a number of files and folders of theological concepts that I wished to explore. In this blog I have explored the sovereignty of God and marriage while in my other bible blog I have covered some of the controversial issues in Genesis, including creation, the flood and the Land. I hope to go deeper into some of these things in the months ahead.

Although  I did not spend as much time studying healing as I had planned, I did attend some excellent conferences with healing and the supernatural as the main focus. The first was the “Heaven touches Earth” conference in Bedford  and the second was a Bill Johnson conference in Kent. I experienced some amazing prophetic ministry and saw lots of healings. There were some great worship times and I made lots of notes which I have written up in previous blogs.

I visited other churches that were our size and above. It was extremely helpful to experience their meetings and I felt I gained some insights that may be of benefit to us in the future.

Keith had prophesied “There are some fears and some areas of anxiety to do with your children and family. You’ve been saying to God am I balancing my ship properly or is it all over one side.” I wanted to make sure that I was inputting into my family in the same way I was inputting into the church. On sabbatical I really enjoyed doing that and things felt a lot more balanced.

I continued to lead, enjoy and take part in my small group which turned out to be a wonderful way to stay connected to the church and make sure I was in good fellowship during the two months of my sabbatical. It highlighted to me the importance of not withdrawing completely from the church family and was a source of great refreshment to me.

Keith spoke about changes that I would need to make and coming back off sabbatical I certainly feel I need to make some radical decisions if my ship is to remain “balanced“. The first two weeks back have been very full and things are just getting going! Keith said “the sprint is over and now there is a dedicated long-distance run which requires you to be prepared to run the distance”. Long distance running is a million miles away from sprinting (if you will pardon the pun!) and requires different preparation, pace and mindset. I will need to give some serious thought to this over the next few weeks.

I have never seen anything like it in my life!

James Maloney

Yesterday I got back from an amazing few days away visiting Bedford for the “Heaven Touches Earth” conference. I signed up for it a few months ago (see 24th March) and boy am I glad I did. I can honestly say I have never seen anything like it in my life. There was a guy there called James Maloney who prophesied to people in such an amazingly accurate way that you could almost hear jaws hitting the floor all over the auditorium.

This is the sort of thing we heard as he picked people out to prophecy over : “I see you at a little coffee table, on a big comfy chair by the window, is that right? (person nodes, yes), you have a big bible with verses underlined in it (yes). God has given you three promises recently that you have been thinking about (yes), you’ve underlined them, one is in the psalms. (yes). That will come true.” He also prophesied what was wrong with people “you have a problem with your left knee” and then healed them. Although I guess it’s always good to wait for confirmation of healings, the staggering thing is that he didn’t say “who has such and such condition?” he said “you have this condition…God heals you right now”.

I am sitting there watching this and it’s like it’s not real but I know it is. Every skeptical bone in my body wants to find some naturalistic explanation other than God, but there is none. I spoke to some of the people afterwards who said “every word was true”.

My spirit is crying out within me “let this change you, reach out for this, break out of your  small definitions of what is means to live by the Spirit, press forward again for healing and prophecy and power, know that there is a God in heaven who loves you with a love that is so real and tangible that it will release rivers of joy into your life. Don’t settle for trickles of the Spirit. Don’t do 9 volt DC Christianity, plug in and do the 240 volt AC version”.

It was great to see Julian Adams there too who brought some great words of knowledge and released more of God’s healing power. He had a word about a lump under someone’s left arm and by the time the person had raised and lowered their arm in response the lump had shrunk. I think it was totally (or almost totally) gone by the next day.

The worship was good too with lots of new songs and some great Jesus culture stuff. Would love to have some Jesus culture worship songs at kings. They are so Jesus focused.

As for the teaching the style was informing and engaging but a bit difference from what I’m used to. It was more Pentecostal (not sure if that’s the right word) or how to explain it. It wasn’t a standard three point structure or argument but lots of gems rolled out, like tipping diamonds out of a small black velvet back onto a table.

Here are some gems from one of James Maloney’s preaches:

  • God is not just able to heal he is healing, he is called Jehovah  Rapha in the bible or Jehovah Raphael Spanish or in English Jehovah Ralf!
  • this [impartation] is a gift of tremendous fruitfulness for you. The time of wilderness is coming to an end. He wants you to bear much fruit
  • you are being transformed from glory to glory. Not from mess to glory but glory to glory. You need to find the glory in your current situation to move to greater glory in the next.
  • What you adore emotionally, spiritual etc you become like
  • Sonship is positional, friendship is relational and experiential. Jesus calls his disciples friends.
  • The key to miracles is not prayer or fasting or morality, its intimacy with God.
  • If God is first in your life your family will be first. All that God first, family second and church last is a bunch of bunk
  • Many prophets suffer from PMS – prophetic mood swings.
  • The gift does not endorse the person.
  • Lakeland was not about Todd Bentley it was about the place.

I stayed over for the Sunday meeting and that was great too. I have blogged more elsewhere on this so I’ll leave it at that here. I may blog some more quotes I took down at the conference tomorrow.