Ready for blast off

Looks like my book is finally ready – or as ready as it will ever be. A final flick through didn’t reveal any obvious errors…


…so I’ve ordered 30 copies from Lulu with the aim of launching in just over a week!




It’s here!


It’s here! The (possibly) final proof copy of my book “Reaching for Healing” and I’m suddenly really nervous about making it available. I’m sure it’s far from perfect, but I trust it’s good enough for God to use in raising faith for healing.

I keep looking back to the time God put it in my heart, all those years ago, to begin reaching for healing. When progress stalled a few years ago, I remember vividly cycling to work and hearing him say to me “Finish the book. Finish the book. Finish the book.” I can still feel the warm weight of those words in my head now as I type; my Heavenly Father’s massive encouragement has made all the difference.

Anyway, while I prevaricate, you can go here to take a peek at the table of contents.