A series of coincidences (reaching for fruit in supernatural healing part 3)

I love God’s presence. Last Sunday I went to another church’s evening meeting as I heard it was a great place to enjoy the powerful presence of God. Of course God is always present, of course He turns up when I’m alone, of course He is there when I worship on Sundays, but hey, I’m, greedy.

Actually I also felt that God had lead me to go through a series of “coincidences”. A few months ago I started following the testimony of Delia Knox, a lady who got out of a wheel chair at a church meeting in Mobile Alabama in a move of God called, I think “the Bay of the Holy Spirit revival”. I was really believing God for healing to break out here in the Norwich in the UK  and so was looking around for testimonies of what God is doing elsewhere.

I followed this particular healing for two reasons. First, I just happened to be studying Acts 3 and 4 where a man whose legs didn’t work gets healed (I know the Acts one is far more dramatic and conclusive but there are at least some similarities you have to admit). The second reason was that I was basically curious as to how much of a healing had taken place and how long lasting it would be. Well, as I followed it, it seemed more and more genuine to me and was a source of great encouragement.

The first coincidence (or the second if you count the timing of her healing with my preaching on Acts 3) was that this lades’ home in the states turned out to be very near where I was born. I know that’s a small thing but it did make it a bit more special for me. Secondly (or thirdly) she was healed at a church in the states that just happened to have some links with one in my city. I stumbled across a meeting that was due to take place in Norwich where, John Wilkinson, one of the guys from “the Bay of the Holy Spirit revival” was speaking.

Even more significant though, was that a prophecy was given in Mobile Alabama by Nathan Morris, one of the key guys involved with the healing, that God would make Norwich in the UK a city of refuge, revival and healing . At the time that it was given it just so happened that a guy from Norwich was there (he was actually at the meeting I went in Norwich and spoke a little about it).

Anyway, after a cancelation due to snow and missing the rescheduled one, I final got to go to this church in Norwich and hear from one of the guys connected with all that God is doing in Mobile. I must say I had a great time. The presence of God was really tangible as people got prayed.

I thank God for all the great churches in Norwich and the way God is beginning to move!  The more I press into healing the more I discover that others are way ahead of me and that’s actually very encouraging. I am not much of a pioneer but as I can’t let go of this healing thing I want be with others who are pressing forward too.


I love your presence (part 3)

I have already blogged some of the main things that impacted me from a recent healing conference in Kent. Now I will put up some of my notes. I took pages and pages of them in my ineligible (woops, I meant illegible!) script. My hand kept cramping up with the effort but what they were saying was so good I didn’t want to loose any of it. On the left here I have scanned in the first page of my notes for posterity. Apparently hand writing is on the way out as everyone is inputing words via computers nowadays. Just read this article in the independent that explores that and other possibilities: http://www.independent.co.uk/arts-entertainment/books/features/everything-starts-with-the-pen-2109252.html

I must say it would have saved me hours if I had been able to input my notes into a computer at the time rather than have to type them up later. The plus side is I get to go through the notes in detail all over again which I am really enjoying.

At first it threw me that Joaquin Evans  was introduced as “Wakeem” but that is how it’s said apparently. He is the director of the Bethel healing rooms in the states. He says

“My full-time job is healing, everything to do with my job description has healing in it. But I can’t heal the sick! But God can. And he is good at his job. He needs less help than we think he needs. God is good at healing….”

  • God chose to partner with us. He wants to come where there is a surrendered heart. We worship him and then get out of the way. And amazing things happen.
  • We could call this conference “revival made easy!
  • He is good, so good things happen when he comes.
  • What if God wants to come in his measure and not ours?
  • God wants to be with you more than you want to be with you. He wants to move through you.
  • God’s “decent and in order” looks different than ours. Have you ever read about heaven in the Bible? It’s wild! (see Rev 19:4)
  • We have seen skin tumors literally wiped off. Rheumatoid arthritis healed, someone with a tumor in the eye receive their sight. People with metal plates able to move in ways they’ve not been able to before.
  • He is better at his job than we are at ours.
  • Why healing is so important:
  • the entire gospel message is captured in one healing. The gospel in pill form is captured in every healing.
  • In Luke 10 Jesus tells his disciples to go into the world, heal the sick, and tell people the kingdom of God has just come near them; that they have just had a tangible touch of the reality of God and an encounter of his love.
  • It’s way simpler than we make it out to be. Make it your goal to see the kingdom of God breakout and for people to know the love of God, not simply healing. If it’s just healing you have missed the point.
  • We can hit people over the head with information or give them an experience with the truth.
  • Someone might say “I don’t believe in Jesus“. We say “that’s okay I do!” When they get healed well be right there to answer their questions.
  • If your neighbor has a daughter with leukaemia does she want a hot meal or someone who knows God can heal the sick?
  • 1 Corinthians 12 talks about gifts of the spirit including healing and miracles but one Corinthians 13 says the greatest gift is love. Healing has to operate under the umbrella of love.
  • It’s not about our performance. How much I have prayed or how many people I have healed recently. It’s just about him and his presence. Our attitude should be “God you are so good you will do it anyway”.
  • Put your attention on God “wow, papa!”
  • It is not about our works it’s about us wanting to see his goodness and his kingdom and his love touch the world. Not simply in healing but in all kinds of ways.
  • Healing has already been paid for.
  • If you want to see an increase in miracles get used to declaring “he is good
  • In Matthew 10:1 Jesus gives his disciples authority. We don’t need to ask God for something he has already given us. We already have authority to heal.

Jesus, Peter and Paul

  • In Luke 7:19 John the Baptist begins to wonder if Jesus is the Messiah. In verse 21 Jesus sends his messengers back to tell him “what you have seen and heard: the blind receive site, the lame walk, those who have leprosy are cured, the deaf hear, the dead are raised,  and the good news is preached to the poor”.
  • Offence is one of the greatest manifestations of the anti-anointing. “And blessed is the one who is not offended by me.” (ESV) Luke 7:23    (the NIV has “fall away” but offence makes the sense clearer I think).
  • God anointed Jesus of Nazareth with the Holy Spirit and with power. He went about doing good and healing all who were oppressed by the devil, for God was with him. (ESV) Acts 10:38. (me – God was with him = He carried the presence of God and the power of God)
  • God is in love with people.
  • Why is it important to go after healing? In Acts 2:22 Peter says that Jesus of Nazareth was a man accredited by God to you by miracles and wonders and signs.
  • In John 20:21 Jesus says “as the father has sent me, I am sending you”. Then he breaths on them and says “receive the holy spirit“. (me – he then seems to say that they can grant or withhold the forgiveness of sins).
  • In Romans 15:19 Paul says he proclaimed the gospel of Christ by the power of signs and miracles, through the power of the spirit..
  • There are only two rules. Have fun and don’t pray too hard.

Testimony of Supernatural healing

Just finished a packed weekend. I had the privilege of marrying an excellent couple on Saturday. Preached in the morning on two sites, then had lunch with the amazing Kings Care team. I felt warn out but happy to have done what God wanted me to do. Since I physically put myself in the places he had designated for me, and did my best to serve those around me, I trust that he used me. My natural inclination is always to come away thinking “I could have done so much better” so it’s soo good to know God’s “well done” in my spirit. I am so grateful to be co-working with Jesus and be included in his Father’s approval of him.

I was preaching on Acts 3:1-21 and decided late the night before  that I had too much material. I always get two thirds of the way through a preach and have to rush the rest so I decided to only do two out of my seven points and leave lots of time for prayer at the end. As it was I only got through one and a half points and was my usual 40 minutes. Oh well. My plan was to preach through the healing miracles in Acts but it seems as if I could do the whole series on this one passage!

It’s about Peter healing a man who can’t walk and coincidently, over the last week or so, I have been flowing Delia Knox’s unfolding testimony at the Bay of the Holy Spirit Revival. Basically she was in a car accident some 22 years ago and was left paralysed from the waist down with no feeling in her legs. As she was prayed for last week she got some feeling back, then stood up and with a lot of help walked around for a bit.


Delia Knox

What you are watching happened right in front of me at the Bay of the Holy Spirit Revival on August 27, 2010. Many of us here in Mobile, AL have known Bishop Levy Knox and his wife Delia for many years. Delia was injured in a car accident on Christmas Day, 1987, and was paralyzed from the waist down. She has had absolutely no feeling in her legs for 23 years. Until now. If you have never seen Jesus make the lame to walk… get ready.

pastormarkDLF  August 27, 2010

Same thing here I think:


On subsequent nights she improved still further until in the last few days she has walked unaided. That is amazing!!! I’m trying to be as sure as I can that it’s for real but so far not a hint for any foul play! Its really encouraging!

On Sept. 3, 2010 she seems to have more strength and need less help:



And in this most recent one dated September 04, 2010 she is walking unaided at times!


And here’s another version taken on a phone by the look of it:


Everyone is saying she was totally paralyzed for 22 years below the waist and now she is walking! Wow. And I am speaking on Peter and John healing a man crippled form birth who could not walk. A more serious condition I grant you, and one that was healed much quicker (he is jumping around a few minutes after being healed) but this is never the less the most amazing testimony I have seen! I’ll keep following it.

(Others links, http://healingherald.org/2010/08/delia-walks/,  http://www.facebook.com/pages/Daphne-AL/Church-of-His-Presence/10150108683740422http://www.3dwoman.org/Networking_Chapters.html)