Healing Encounter with Roy Todd

Roy Todd

I went to The Open Venue yesterday for the start of Roy Todd’s healing Encounter tour. I read a great book by him a few months ago called “In Pursuit of the miraculous” and so was very keen to go. It was the next way point on a journey I have been on since watching a testimony of Delia Knox on the internet.

At the start a guy called Dave Bell lead some great worship and then gave his testimony. He was very seriously ill with a rare tumor behind his eye but by God’s grace and the doctors skill he has made a miraculously full recovery. I didn’t realize at the time that he was Stuart Bells son who heads up (?) Ground level.  City church in Norwich is also part of this Network.

After another song Roy gave a talk on Jesus’ Manifesto:

  • Jesus gave his manifesto when he read form the scroll of Isaiah at the beginning of his ministry:
  • The spirit of the Sovereign Lord is on me to:
  • 1) Preach good news.
  • We must not turn good news into bad. The gospel is good news. The church has good news to tell people. Yes there is a day of judgment coming but now is the year of favor.
  • Jesus bore God’s wrath on the cross (me – it was so thrilling and exciting to hear the gospel proclaimed so clearly).
  • He died for the world but he did it for you.
  • Death could not hold him. He burst forth from the grave.
  • This is something to cheer about. Better than a football team scoring a goal.
  • 2) Freedom for the prisoners.
  • In the well off democratic West we think we are free but it’s more about freedom in our hearts. Sometimes the things we think we are free to do are the things that end up enslaving us.
  • “It is for freedom that Christ has set us free”.
  • “Some need a hug. Some need a kick up the butt.”
  • Like an eagle kicked out of the nest. (he is talking to Christians at this point I think, encouraging them to go for it, I guess in things like healing and sharing the gospel)
  • A mother eagle will try to get her young out of the nest by flying around to demonstrate to them what they can do. When that fails she might try destroying the nest but still her chicks cling to the side of the cliff and try to get comfy there. Finally she bumps them off the side and they fall off. Just before they impact on the ground below she catches them, flies them back and pushes them off again until they finally get it.
  • She might have to do it 20 or 30 times. (Not sure if this is a true story or not!)
  • 3) To recover the sight of the blind.
  • There is spiritual and physical blindness.
  • 4) Release the oppressed.
  • Oppressed means chained down, weighed down, burdened.
  • Free from: Sin, sickness and Satan
  • God heals. “Does it mean we have all the answers. No. We simply keep believing that God is who he says he is.”

He then told a story about a lady whose legs had got stronger as she was helped up out of a wheel chair. She ended up walking around.  Her doctor was there at the time and said it was a miracle. He was the one who  said she would probably never walk again.

Over 30 people responded to the gospel and when he prayed for people at the end a dozen or so people testified to being healed. Some testified to being free from pain, others that some degree of movement had come back to a limb. Obviously others need to check things out with their doctor.

Oh, here is an interesting comment he made: “The devil goes to church more than some Christians.” He also said at some point “The grace of God is not fair. We don’t get a quota that gets used up.”

About Norwich he said it was no coincidence that this was the starting point of the tour. He was going to go all round the UK and then to the States but he said that it was significant that he was starting here.

“I am here to proclaim favor over Norwich….This is the year of God’s favor….People will talk about this night for years to come…..Healing and miracles on a scale never seen before. Get rid of cynicism. I pronounce miracles  so great that the secular media will notice it. Blind eyes opening. Revival is not something you go to its you. You are revival.”

Encouraging stuff.


Getting into the boat

I’ve been on a bit of a book binge recently. I’ve been preparing for tomorrows preach and generally stocking up on books about healing plus trying to get up to speed on the doctrine of the church for some teaching I’m doing in a few weeks time. I thought I’d list some of the healing books here in case you’re interested (they are all great):

Authority to Heal by Ken Blue

Power healing by John Wimber

In pursuit of the Miraculous by Roy Todd

The nearly perfect crime by Frances Nutt

The five attributes of a church in revival by David Carr

Healing and Deliverance by John Woolmer

healing today by Mark Stibbe and Marc Dupont

The shifting Shadows of Supernatural Power by Julia Loren, Bill Johnson and Mahesh Chavda

Shaping history though prayer and fasting, by Derek Prince

Expecting Miracles by Heidi and Rolland Baker

God can do it again by Kathryn Kuhlman

Supernatural power of a transformed Mind by Bill Johnson

Smith Wigglesworth on Healing by Smith Wigglesworth

The fact that as I type pain is increasing in my arms shows that the possession and even reading of all these books in not enough! I hope though that in reading them and filling my mind with scripture and testimony of Gods healing power my faith will increase to see more people healed.

Faith is a mysterious thing but a real thing nonetheless. It is not a vague hope, but something solid, that sits in the soul and refuses to budge even when the rest of the world laughs. Experience can stretch it up or squash it down but the substance of it is grows from God’s Word. The above books are really helpful but there is another in a category of its own that can do what no other book can. It is of course:

The bible by God

I was asked recently what one of my most significant transformational moment as a Christian was. It happened a few months ago when I realised that whoever wrote the Bible really wanted the reader to have a massive expectation of healing. Either that or they were grossly negligent in what they wrote. Since its God who caused every jot and tittle to be written down the only conclusion is that God wants me to have a massive expectation that he is going to heal people as I step out in faith.

That simple penny dropping hermeneutical moment changed everything for me. As the dust settled I found something new in me. Faith for healing.

It feels strange. Its as if having wobbled for a while with one foot on the bank and one in a rowing boat I am now sitting down in the boat clutching the sides as it drifts off from the bank. I don’t know how to row, I’m still wobbling, but I am all in. It feels different to have water support you than solid ground. Suddenly there are forces upon you other than those you put in motion yourself with your legs. There are currents, there are waves, and there is wind. You have to start using different limbs to move and figure out how the ores work. Oh, and you go backwards. And you risk looking very silly if you fall over board.

Tomorrow we I will have that feeling again as I step out of the natural into the supernatural and pray for people to be healed. If I’ve been a bit poetic with the boat thing, then perhaps Ken Blue explains it better:

“Christian healing is a mystery which cannot be controlled by applying some cause and effect formula. Those who pray for the sick entre an unseen world of spiritual forces which cannot be fully comprehended. It is at once fellowship with God in his work and warfare against the lawless destruction of evil. Those who risk entering this realm expose themselves and the ones they pray for to the possibility of humiliation and defeat without ever knowing why. This personal investment, which I label faith, is present in all healing ministries.” Ken Blue, A to heal p123

Now I need to prune my preach so there’s time to pray for people at the end!

Faith for healing

Just got back from prayer and fasting yesterday. Several hundred leaders from around the country gathered to worship and pray together. God encouraged us to look back to where we had come from and see how far he has brought us. From a handful of churches we now have churches in many nations across the globe.

We are also seeing healing on a scale we have never seen before. We heard many stories of people stepping out in faith and seeing God move in power to heal the sick. At NewDay over 300 young people felt God had healed them in some way. Ears where opening and allergies going. Also, many churches are taking God’s healing power out on to the streets and seeing God heal arms and backs.  So funny to hear of peoples utter surprise, often expressed in four letter words, when they actually got healed.

God has spoken to us about seeing breakthrough in this whole area and so I am saturating myself in stories of healing both in the bible and more recent testimonies. Biblically it seems to me we don’t need a complicated detailed theology of healing. Jesus heals people and says we will do it too in his name. As with most things in the bible the hard part is actually stepping out in faith and doing it.

I’m reading “In pursuit of the Miraculous” by Roy Todd at the moment which so far is a very inspiring but down to earth account of his journey into the miraculous. For more vintage healing testimonies you might want to take a look at  “God can do it again” by Kathryn Kuhlman. If you’re a web person there’s also tones of testimonies on youtube particularly the ‘healing on the streets’ stuff.

Recently we opened the prayer room at the side of the stage on a Sunday morning so that after each Sunday meeting we can pray for people. The response has been great and I look forward to testimonies of what God is doing.

Another key theme that came though strongly at prayer and fasting on the last day was a rising sense of militancy to see Gods kingdom come. That was so encouraging as God has been speaking to us very clearly about engaging in the battle. At kings we have just finished our “a call to action” preaching mini series but I don’t want to move on  too quickly. I want to keep fighting the fight of faith because I believe God is going to break out in unprecedented ways.