I love your presence (part 3)

I have been writing up my notes from a healing conference I went to a few weeks ago in Kent. The two key speakers were Joaquin Evans and Josh Stephens. I think Josh started taking at this point:

  • Testimony means do it again(me – I’m not quite sure how they get this. They made reference to Rev 19:10. When I looked up the word translated testimony there means “evidence given, a record or report, witness, the office committed to the prophets of testifying concerning future events, what one testifies i.e. before a judge”.
  • Allergies aren’t in heaven.
  • Always check things out with a doctor first unless God says otherwise.
  • You will know the truth, that is you will have an encounter which is not simply an intellectual assent of it.
  • God likes to heal through multimedia. Texts, skype, e-mail answering machines. I sometimes get words of knowledge when I receive a text from somebody.
  • The girl with an allergy once got a phone message from someone at a meeting where people were getting healed of allergies. She couldn’t hear anything on the recording just some mumbling. Later on she realised she hadn’t taken her medication and she was feeling much better. She was healed!
  • People that expect things get things (my paraphrase)
  • You don’t need to pray and fast harder. It is the grace of God.
  • God gives his gifts for free. It’s about impartation not just fasting.
  • That’s how we will see generational growth in this area. It can’t be limited to what we ourselves can do.
  • On the other side of fear is your biggest breakthrough.
  • Identify where your thoughts are coming from.

God speaks to you through your thoughts.

  • Josh went into Hindu temple while on a treasure hunt. Sometimes the holy spirit will come upon you and you will be filled with boldness. He was going to stay outside but then suddenly boldness came upon him and he went in. He had a Word of knowledge about someone’s dodgy knee. The first few people he asked were fine but then he saw some young people at the back of the room. One was 15 or 16. He said “no but you can pray for him”.  His friend had a hand in a bandage. As Josh prayed he said “you are releasing energy on me I can feel it, the pain is leaving my hand“. He takes the bandage off. Other kids gather and even pray with words of knowledge and people get healed. They get their family members and more people get healed. They ask “how do you do these things?”. After they ask you gradually tell them about Jesus. Eight kids give their lives to Jesus in a Hindu temple! 15 to 20 miracles take place. There are some other kids that started feeling extremely drunk. “I feel fire on my hands!” one says. He gets two of the people who have just become Christians to pray for and heal some of their friends. They haven’t been saved 2 min and yet God is working miracles through them. They haven’t earned it. It’s a gift.
  • me – if you don’t see anything happen don’t think it’s something that you are doing wrong. It’s not that. Its grace. Look to Jesus, looked to God alone its grace!
  • Take the testimony and repeat it until it happens again. Use other people’s Testament if you don’t have your own.
  • Share what you hear until it happens.
  • In Acts 18 Jesus says you shall receive power when the holy spirit comes upon you. It’s not a one-time experience. You will be a witness of what you experience. Josh has seen cancer healed and the deaf hear and is not because he is deserving of God working through him. Its grace.
  • It’s not about me or us. When we pray long and hard we can actually lose faith. Our attention comes on ourselves. “The longer I pray the less faith I have” says Josh. (me – that sounds odd at first but God does not do something based on our efforts. Jesus says we must not think we’re heard because of our many words. Its grace! All we need to “do” is trust God and expects him to work.
  • With words of knowledge it never hurts to ask even if you are wrong.
  • If you pray once and nothing happens simply praying again.
  • Sometimes it’s good to tell someone to do something and as they go they are healed.
  • The key to breakthrough is to get someone to step out and do something they couldn’t do before.
  • “Thank you God that you are good and that you hear and that it’s not about us. Let your Grace just rest upon so and so…. How does it feel?”
  • Expectancy brings breakthrough
  • Josh had grown up in a Christian and had loved God his whole life. He never really went off the rails. Then he went to Bible College and almost lost his faith!
  • He didn’t know about the spirit of God coming upon people until three years ago. Before that time he had never let anyone to Christ or healed anyone.
  • Them over the last three years he seen hundreds saved and thousands healed and delivered.
  • When someone said they had been prayed for many times before he said “let’s pray like it’s the first time then”
  • they prayed for someone in Virginia who had been trampled on by a horse. Most things in her body were not working properly. Swelling, numbness, ringing in the ears. 45 min later every symptom was gone!
  • Once, not sure if it was a time of the previous feeling they were on top of an Aztec temple where there had been in the past many human sacrifices. They were there for 45 min of miracles and salvation.
  • It’s way way way easier than you think.
  • Everywhere you go it is easy. But some places it’s really easy!
  • “When I feel nothing I think about how much God loves them”
  • someone said “when Joaquin gave his testimony I felt fire on my hands, oh this is why people do wacky things!”
  • You don’t have to pray really hard for God to show up. He wants to.
  • Everything in the kingdom is about increase.
  • It’s not about how much God pours out it’s how much we can receive.

Testimony of Supernatural healing

Just finished a packed weekend. I had the privilege of marrying an excellent couple on Saturday. Preached in the morning on two sites, then had lunch with the amazing Kings Care team. I felt warn out but happy to have done what God wanted me to do. Since I physically put myself in the places he had designated for me, and did my best to serve those around me, I trust that he used me. My natural inclination is always to come away thinking “I could have done so much better” so it’s soo good to know God’s “well done” in my spirit. I am so grateful to be co-working with Jesus and be included in his Father’s approval of him.

I was preaching on Acts 3:1-21 and decided late the night before  that I had too much material. I always get two thirds of the way through a preach and have to rush the rest so I decided to only do two out of my seven points and leave lots of time for prayer at the end. As it was I only got through one and a half points and was my usual 40 minutes. Oh well. My plan was to preach through the healing miracles in Acts but it seems as if I could do the whole series on this one passage!

It’s about Peter healing a man who can’t walk and coincidently, over the last week or so, I have been flowing Delia Knox’s unfolding testimony at the Bay of the Holy Spirit Revival. Basically she was in a car accident some 22 years ago and was left paralysed from the waist down with no feeling in her legs. As she was prayed for last week she got some feeling back, then stood up and with a lot of help walked around for a bit.


Delia Knox

What you are watching happened right in front of me at the Bay of the Holy Spirit Revival on August 27, 2010. Many of us here in Mobile, AL have known Bishop Levy Knox and his wife Delia for many years. Delia was injured in a car accident on Christmas Day, 1987, and was paralyzed from the waist down. She has had absolutely no feeling in her legs for 23 years. Until now. If you have never seen Jesus make the lame to walk… get ready.

pastormarkDLF  August 27, 2010

Same thing here I think:


On subsequent nights she improved still further until in the last few days she has walked unaided. That is amazing!!! I’m trying to be as sure as I can that it’s for real but so far not a hint for any foul play! Its really encouraging!

On Sept. 3, 2010 she seems to have more strength and need less help:



And in this most recent one dated September 04, 2010 she is walking unaided at times!


And here’s another version taken on a phone by the look of it:


Everyone is saying she was totally paralyzed for 22 years below the waist and now she is walking! Wow. And I am speaking on Peter and John healing a man crippled form birth who could not walk. A more serious condition I grant you, and one that was healed much quicker (he is jumping around a few minutes after being healed) but this is never the less the most amazing testimony I have seen! I’ll keep following it.

(Others links, http://healingherald.org/2010/08/delia-walks/,  http://www.facebook.com/pages/Daphne-AL/Church-of-His-Presence/10150108683740422http://www.3dwoman.org/Networking_Chapters.html)

Fond memories (UEA, Holy Spirit talk part 1)

Yesterday evening I went to the UEA to speak at the CU. It was so good to be back there again after all these years and it brought back some great memories. Three years spent researching, designing and programming computer graphics effects for fire and explosions. Cool! It was great to have so much time and freedom to pursue my interests but that wasn’t the best thing about being at the UEA nor was it memories of late nights hunched in front of a computer screen that filled my mind. You see, towards the end of my time at the UEA I became a Christian.

I was invited by a really great guy in my lab to an event in the CU mission’s week and to cut a long story short, at the end of the talk I put my hand up and said “yes I want to trust in Jesus Christ”. No single decision has changed my life as much as that one and yet after I had given my life to Christ I felt no different. The next morning I kind of wished I’d not been so hasty (although I had been looking into it for over 7 years). A friend came round and we dumped a load of unhelpful stuff I had accumulated in a nearby skip. In the days that followed I began to experience a change form the inside out. Changes of desires and joy and peace. A little while later I was baptised in water and then a short time after that I was filled with the Holy Spirit (it wasn’t all as simple as it sounds but I’ll leave that for another time). And here I was again, wanting so much to encourage these guys and serve them as best I could. And they had given me a great passage to do just that. Acts chapter 2!

Acts 2 is a key chapter in an amazing book. It is I believe one of the most important chapters in the whole bible, second of course to the ones about Jesus’ death and resurrection but of unique significance to us and God’s purposes in the world. If it wasn’t for the events described in this chapter, mission would have misfired, I would not have heard the gospel, I would not have been saved and I dread to think what life would have been like.