A perfect day part 4


I have lived one day as best I could, as a one off. A sort of 100 meters sprint day rather than trying to pace myself for hundreds of days. Trusting that God would give me everything I needed for such a 24 hour endeavour I launched into it and it went well.

1)      Having the end of the day in sight really helped me give 100% thought the day to all I was doing. I wasn’t pacing myself for the next 40 years, just this one day.

2)      I didn’t seem to take anything into the day. Given I was going to be running flat out it seemed silly to carry extra weight with me.

3)      I didn’t have to forgive anyone for the last 40 years or next 40 years, just the odd isolated thing that happened that day.

4)      I fought to trust God in my thoughts knowing that I only had to keep going for one day.

5)      I kept thinking “what does Jesus want me to do right now in this situation?”

6)      Looking back over the day it was hard in many ways but everything went ok, and many things were easier than I thought they would be.

7)      There are through some things that I didn’t do but would be excited to add in if I lived another perfect day. I think I will set my alarm clock again before I go to bed tonight.

PS. Competition to animate “what if you had 24 hours left to live” in 24 hours.


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